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Urgent Popular Donation Campaign Launched For Relief India This 18th On the impact of the Cabinet decision taken during its meeting held on April 26th, regarding sending urgent medical and relief aid to the Republic of India in solidarity with its friendly people, give... May 16, 2021 122 Category: India
A Slight Decrease In The Positive Epidemiological Surveillance Smears Khaled Al-Jarallah, Chairman of the Supreme Advisory Committee to confront Corona, stressed the stability of clinical and critical occupancy, with a slight decrease in the positivity of epidemiologica... May 05, 2021 321 Category: Coronavirus
Kuwait Vaccination Campaign Paving Way For Return To Normal Life The Ministry of Health (MoH) spokesperson, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad said that Kuwait’s accomplishment of vaccinating more than a million people against Covid-19 means that the country has come a lo... April 26, 2021 762 Category: Coronavirus
Prison Vaccination Campaign Begins Today A  comprehensive vaccination campaign to vaccinate approximately 4,000 inmates of the Central Prison, the Public Prison and the Women’s Prison was launched this morning under the supervisio... February 10, 2021 172 Category: Kuwait
The Ministry Of Interior Is Preparing For The Largest Campaign Against The Residency Violators Informed security sources informed that the deadline for violators of the residency law for violators from January 1, 2020, and before that date expires at the end of January, and will not be extended... January 20, 2021 648 Category: Information
Campaign On Importance Of Adhering To Health Requirements At Workplaces Director of the Department of Health Promotion Dr. Abeer Al-Bahwa affirmed the importance of full compliance with health requirements in workplaces, reports Aljarida daily. In a press statement iss... January 03, 2021 176 Category: Health
Vaccination Campaign Against Covid-19 Officially Launches Today The vaccination campaign against the Coronavirus (Covid-19) was officially launched in its early stages today, after the success of the trial opening last Thursday, reports Alqabas daily. The daily... December 27, 2020 310 Category: Coronavirus
Campaign Against Air Drying Clothes In Balcony Director of the Department of Public Cleaning and Road Works in the Capital Municipality Branch, Mishaal Al-Azmi during his field campaign summoned and informed expats living in apartments that &ldquo... December 27, 2020 688 Category: Information
Medical Personnel Are Preparing For The Vaccination Campaign Tomorrow The medical personnel at the vaccination center in the fairgrounds continue their preparations today to start their first actual campaign activities tomorrow, Sunday. The Director of Public Health, D... December 26, 2020 487 Category: Coronavirus
Body Shop Participates In 16-day ‘Orange Kuwait’ Campaign In Partnership With Soroptimist Kuwait Society For Community Development Soroptimist Kuwait is proud to announce The Body Shop as its partner in launching the Orange Kuwait project, this year. The initiative stems from the ‘Orange the World’ campaign, launched ... December 07, 2020 180 Category: Information
Campaign To Catch Kuwaitis With Dual Citizenship  Security authorities embarked on a mission to find Kuwaiti citizens with dual citizenship in the eve of the elections through a thorough check at the border entry points. Such citizens, who are ... December 05, 2020 617 Category: Kuwait
Security Campaigns To Start Next Year To Arrest Residency Visa Violators Extensive and intense security campaigns will be launched at the beginning of next year 2021 targeting residency law violators who failed to take advantage of the December deadline to amend their stat... November 30, 2020 516 Category: Crime News
Fines For Dumping Waste From 50 KD Up Till 500 KD The Environment Public Authority (EPA) is currently conducting an extensive media campaign, urging all those going to beaches and desert areas to maintain public hygiene and refrain from dumping waste... November 23, 2020 272 Category: Crime News
Joint Campaign To Remove Violations  Ministry of Electricity and Water, represented by the Encroachment Removal Team, carried out a joint campaign with Kuwait Municipality to remove violations underneath the power lines in Salaam a... November 21, 2020 237 Category: Information
EPA Teams Kick Start Campaigns On Beaches To Control Waste Dumping With the recent increase in the exit of citizens and residents to sheds on land and at sea, an informed source was quoted as saying that inspection teams, affiliated with the Environment Public Author... November 17, 2020 179 Category: Information
Avoid Hate Speech During Election Campaign  The deadline for evaluating the appeals of disqualified candidates is on Nov 30, say reliable sources who explained that the deadline is set some days before Election Day to give the Ministry of... November 08, 2020 301 Category: Crime News
The Kan Campaign: 70% Of Women With Breast Cancer May Have No Symptoms The National Cancer Awareness Campaign “Kan” announced the completion of the third phase of the “Training of Trainers” program for breast cancer detection by graduating trainee... October 31, 2020 265 Category: Health
Election Campaign Activities Could Lead To Imposing Of A Partial Curfew According to senior government sources, the health authorities will not hesitate to impose a partial curfew if seminars, gatherings and meetings for the candidates for the National Assembly elections ... October 26, 2020 1037 Category: Information
Influenza Vaccination Campaign Only For Kuwaitis The Ministry of Health has announced that the winter vaccination campaign for the year 2020/2021 is limited to citizens at present, taking into consideration the current circumstances the country is g... October 18, 2020 365 Category: Health
Winter Vaccination Campaign Limited To Citizen Only The Ministry of Health informed that the winter vaccination campaign for the 2020-2021 season is currently limited to citizens only. The Ministry said that the preventive health centers designated ... October 18, 2020 367 Category: Information