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Cabinet Says Kuwait Is Still Monkeypox-free Kuwait's cabinet announced on Tuesday that no cases of monkeypox, a viral virus more frequent in west and central Africa, had been reported in the country, despite the fact that strict procedures ... June 01, 2022 146 Category: Kuwait
A Cabinet Reshuffle Is Planned In Kuwait The Chairman and Government Spokesman of Kuwait's Government Communication Center announced the shake-up of the cabinet on Tuesday. According to Al-Mezrem, Dr. Mohammad Al-Fares was appointed D... March 22, 2022 270 Category: Kuwait
3-Ministerial Amendments Approved By Cabinet During today's Cabinet meeting, the Cabinet approved various ministerial amendments, including the appointment of Dr. Muhammad Al-Faris, Minister of Oil and Electricity, to the Ministry of State f... March 22, 2022 126 Category: Kuwait
Renames Kuwaiti Areas In Honor Of Late Dr. Al-Khatib; Paid Tribute To Him The Cabinet has announced a donation of five million dollars to provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, and a donation of two million dollars to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees, follow... March 08, 2022 190 Category: Kuwait
Bal Salama Platform To Be Discarded By The Cabinet Satisfies Domestic Labor Recruitment Offices The Cabinet has issued decisions stating that the "Kuwait Musafir" and "Bal Salama" platforms for domestic workers, as well as the "Mina" system for accrediting foreign l... February 23, 2022 122 Category: Kuwait
Cabinet: Corona Infections Have Decreased Significantly An explanation on the latest developments in the health situation in the country was given by the Minister of Commerce and Industry and the Acting Minister of Health. Both spoke about a noticeable dec... February 08, 2022 379 Category: Coronavirus
Cabinet Issues Work Roadmap For Wafra, Abdali Recreational Facilities The Council of Ministers discussed the recommendation of the Public Services Committee regarding the report submitted by the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources regarding measu... February 01, 2022 141 Category: Kuwait
Cabinet Briefed On Referral Of 2 Army Officers For Probe The Kuwaiti Cabinet was briefed on the referral of two senior army officers, including a major general, to the public prosecutor for the alleged misappropriation of public funds in relation to a Minis... January 26, 2022 148 Category: Kuwait
Cabinet Meeting – Kuwait Tightens Covid-19 Precautions The Kuwaiti Cabinet on Monday decided to prevent all kinds of public gatherings in closed places as of next Sunday until February 28 as a precaution against the spread of Covid-19 pandamic. During its... January 04, 2022 1995 Category: Coronavirus
Cabinet Stop All Kinds Of Social Events In Kuwait Kuwait Cabinet decided to temporarily stop all kinds of social events, which are held in closed places, starting from next Sunday, January 9th until February 28th. The decision will be reviewed later ... January 03, 2022 883 Category: Kuwait
MPs ‘lament’ Cabinet Delay A number of MPs commented on the delayed formation of the new government. MP Badr Al-Mullah said the neighboring countries are busy making achievements, while His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sa... December 25, 2021 179 Category: Kuwait
MoH : “Abide By Cabinet’s Decisions On Coronavirus” Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. Bassel Al-Humoud Al-Sabah stressed the importance of sticking to the Cabinet’s decisions on health guidelines to maintain epidemiological stability in the country. ... December 21, 2021 502 Category: Coronavirus
Kuwait Cabinet Imposes Booster Shot The Kuwaiti Cabinet on Monday decided to impose a third shot on those who got vaccinated against the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) nine months earlier, as of January 2nd. The Cabinet meeting was held u... December 21, 2021 2869 Category: Kuwait
Cabinet To Hold Extraordinary Meeting Tomorrow To Discuss Corona Committee Recommendations The Council of Ministers will hold an extraordinary meeting tomorrow, Monday, under the chairmanship of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled, to discuss a number of recommendations m... December 19, 2021 914 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Cabinet Reiterate Backing Of Saudi Measures To Ensure Security Kuwaiti ministers on Monday reiterated the country’s condemnation of Houthi attempts to threaten the security of Saudi Arabia, underling their support for steps assumed by the neighbouring Gulf ... November 01, 2021 182 Category: Kuwait
Cabinet Affirms Support For ME Green Initiative The Kuwaiti Cabinet affirmed support to the Green Middle East Initiative Summit, held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and all efforts aiming to ensure sustainable environment. During its weekly meeting, held... October 26, 2021 106 Category: Kuwait
Decision By Cabinet To Return To Normal Life Soon Kuwait is waiting for health officials to announce final steps to return to normal life after adhering to all the health requirements and procedures for many months since the pandemic outbreak. ... October 18, 2021 1360 Category: Kuwait
The Council Of Ministers Hold Its Weekly Meeting The Council of Ministers will hold its weekly meeting headed by Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled at Seif Palace this afternoon. It is expected that the meeting will be followed by a press confer... October 18, 2021 753 Category: Kuwait
Cabinet Follows Up On Developments About The Health Situation In Country The Cabinet held its weekly meeting this afternoon at Seif Palace, headed by His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah. After the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister o... October 11, 2021 367 Category: Kuwait
Cabinet Backs Kuwait Amir Plea For National Dialogue Kuwait’s cabinet said on Wednesday it firmly supported a request by His Highness the Amir for the country’s executive and legislative powers to participate in a national dialogue, saying s... September 30, 2021 163 Category: Kuwait
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