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MP Saleh Al-Mulla Said The Gulf Crisis Must Not Be Handled Through Emotions Former MP Saleh Al-Mulla said the Gulf crisis must not be handled through emotions, but using solutions that are presented at a table directly with the conflicting parties in order to ensure the probl... August 03, 2017 555 Category: Kuwait
Egyptian Expat Killed His Wife By Stabbing Her Several Times The Egyptian veterinarian who killed his Lebanese wife by stabbing her several times has been referred to hospital after he slit his wrist in an attempt to commit suicide. According to security sou... August 03, 2017 710 Category: Crime News
Woman Questioned By Police For Giving Birth To Illegitimate Baby A Bedoon woman in her 20s was questioned by police after she confessed that her newborn baby is illegitimate, The woman admitted to the hospital after she went into labour, the hospital contacted poli... July 26, 2017 448 Category: Crime News
Kuwaits 16-17 Budget Deficit Shrinks By 60.8 Percent Kuwait's final statement of fiscal year (FY) 2016-17 showed deficit shrinking by 5.9 billion Kuwaiti Dinars (KD) (US$ 19.5 billion), or 60.8 percent than projected deficit reduction of KD 9.7 bill... July 26, 2017 446 Category: Kuwait
Syrian Arrested For Threatening To Scandalize A Kuwaiti Girl By Posting Her Photos On The Internet A young Syrian man was arrested for threatening to scandalize a Kuwaiti girl by posting her photos on the Internet. The girl lodged a complaint at Jahra Police Station in this regard, explaining th... July 26, 2017 459 Category: Crime News
Indian Laborer Committed Suicide By Hanging Himself An Indian laborer committed suicide by hanging in the animal pen of his Kuwaiti sponsor in Kabad. According to a security source, the Operations Unit in the Interior Ministry received a call from the ... July 26, 2017 495 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Turns Down Request By Indian Embassy Kuwait has turned down a request by the Indian Embassy for granting a suitable piece of land for setting up an Indian temple and an electrical crematorium, for the benefit of the Indian Hindu communit... July 18, 2017 1363 Category: Kuwait
Texas Teenager Was Killed By Phone In Bath Tub A Texas teenager was killed after she grasped a plugged-in cell phone while taking a bath, prompting her family to spread word of the incident to prevent another electrocution death. Madison Coe, 1... July 14, 2017 689 Category: International
Cops Have Arrested 2 Bedoun For Attempting To Kidnap A 17-year-old Kuwaiti Police have arrested two bedoun for attempting to kidnap a 17-year-old Kuwaiti with the intention to rape him. The arrest came when police on routine duty in Jaber Al-Ahmad city saw three young men... July 06, 2017 488 Category: Crime News
Construction Materials Have Resorted To Reduce Their Expenses By Reducing The Number Of Workers Recession has hit hard on the construction market due to suspension or completion of a number of construction projects including bridges as well as due to the snails’ pace in the distribution of... July 04, 2017 498 Category: Kuwait
Suicide Attacker Trapped By Saudi Security Forces In A House In Makkah Friday A suicide attacker, trapped by Saudi security forces in a house in Makkah Friday, blew himself up after refusing calls to surrender, a security spokesman said, while five suspects were arrested includ... June 24, 2017 801 Category: Crime News
Number Of Indians In Kuwait Increased By 9.2 Percent In One Year India’s labour force in Kuwait has increased by more than 46,000 in one year, recent figures indicate. According to Kuwait Central Statistical Bureau, 544,945 Indians were employed in Kuwait in ... June 22, 2017 2977 Category: Information
GCC Citizens Impacted By Diplomatic Crisis Rashed al-Jalahma, 22, has lived almost his whole life in Qatar, but he now faces the decision of whether to stay or return “home” to Bahrain. The aeronautical engineer student is one of t... June 12, 2017 636 Category: International
Iraqi Forces Repelled An Offensive By IS On The Sunni Town Of Shirqat Iraqi forces repelled an offensive launched in the early hours of Saturday by Islamic State on the Sunni town of Shirqat, south of Mosul, during which 38 military and civilians were killed and about 4... June 12, 2017 609 Category: International
Syrian Arrested For Stealing Cars By Smashing The Car Glass Criminal detectives arrested a Syrian and Bedoon that stole cars by smashing the car glass, the suspects confessed to committing several thefts from the parked vehicles near the mosques during the pra... June 10, 2017 660 Category: Crime News
Sri Lankan Housemaid Tried To Commit Suicide By Jumping In Bayan Area A Sri Lankan housemaid tried to commit suicide by jumping in Bayan area, the ambulance rushed her to the Mubarak Hospital where she is currently admitted in the ICU, the police investigation is still ... June 10, 2017 680 Category: Crime News
Nepali Housemaid Commits Suicide By Hanging Herself At Her Room A Nepali housemaid committed suicide by hanging herself at her room in Jaber Al-Ali area, Police rushed to the spot after receiving a call about the incident and they found the corpse dangling from a ... June 10, 2017 1376 Category: Crime News
Eve-teaser Chased By Mother Who Stalked Her Daughter And Tried To Give Her His Mobile Number A Kuwaiti woman chased away an eve-teaser who stalked her daughter and tried to give her his mobile number. Reportedly, the Kuwaiti woman and her daughter were shopping when the latter noticed a man f... June 08, 2017 536 Category: Crime News
Seven People Have Died And 50 Others Injured By Cyclone In Bangladesh At least seven people have died and 50 others injured by Cyclone Mora that has also left thousands of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh waiting for help after a night in the rain.Bangladesh’s bord... June 02, 2017 664 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Affected By Heavy Sandstorm Kuwait was affected by a heavy sandstorm yesterday, which temporarily suspended activity at Shuwaikh Port. The storm was caused by strong winds that hit over 32 km/h, which rendered visibility levels ... May 25, 2017 581 Category: Kuwait
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