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Salary Cap To Bring In-Laws To Kuwait On Visit Visa Please can you assist on my below question. How much basic salary is required for visit visa to bring my mother in law.  Name withheld Answer: Under the latest rules release, you need to earn a... January 14, 2019 752 Category: Visit Visa
Marriage Not Registered – How To Bring Wife To Kuwait On Visit Visa I am from India and now working in Kuwait in the private sector, I want to bring my wife to Kuwait from India but I have not registered my marriage because after the marriage I came to Kuwait within a... December 30, 2018 1064 Category: Visit Visa
Kuwait Intensifies Efforts To Bring Back Fugitives Escaped To Britain, Turkey And Various EU Countries Kuwait is intensifying efforts to bring back the fugitives who have escaped to Britain, Turkey and various EU countries before the court verdicts were issued against them for fear of being jailed in K... October 22, 2018 392 Category: Kuwait
Northern Zone May Bring In $400 Billion In Foreign Investments The National Assembly on Wednesday approved reports of the Budgets and Final Accounts Committee on the final accounts and linked budgets of Kuwait National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprise Develop... May 31, 2018 583 Category: Kuwait
Wife Stayed Back In Home Country For More Then 6 Months, Can I Bring Her On Visit Visa My question is my wife was on dependent visa in Kuwait. She had gone to India for holidays and stayed there more than six months. Her visa expired on 7/3/18. I know her visa will be cancelled automati... April 28, 2018 1791 Category: Visit Visa
Amir Instructed To Bring Back 2 Kuwaiti Victims Of Ouagadougou Attack The Foreign Ministry said Monday His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah instructed sending a plane to Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso, to bring back the two Kuwaiti victims... August 15, 2017 829 Category: Kuwait
Visit Visa Salary Cap To Bring Mother-in-law - Wife Pregnant Hi, I would like to know salary details about visit visa. My salary is KD 250 & my husband salary also KD 250. Now I am pregnant, I want to bring my mother, is it possible to me? Name withheld ... August 01, 2017 1995 Category: Visit Visa
Salary Below KD 450 Wife On Dependent Visa Want To Bring Child To Kuwait My salary below KD 450. My wife in Kuwait on dependent visa. Can I take my child to Kuwait on dependent visa? Kindly reply me. Name withheld Answer: If your wife is already with you in Kuwa... April 05, 2017 5160 Category: Dependent Visa
Many Foreigners Bring Families On Visitor Visas To Enjoy Kuwait Health Care Benefits Kuwait’s first new government hospital in more than three decades will soon open its doors — but only to Kuwaiti citizens. It’s the latest in a series of steps targeting foreigners, ... February 21, 2017 889 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Voters Requested To Bring Their Original Citizenship Cards On Polling Day Kuwaiti voters, who will flock to polling stations next Saturday for the 2016 parliamentary elections, are requested to bring their original citizenship cards to be stamped by the judge according to t... November 25, 2016 731 Category: Information
Charter Flight Ready To Bring Back Home Kuwaitis In Turkey A Kuwaiti charter flight, leaving Turkey later this evening, has been arranged to transport Kuwaiti citizens back home in the wake of recent turbulent events in Turkey, announced a statement by the Ku... July 16, 2016 2079 Category: Kuwait
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