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2 Soldiers Under Probe For Public Brawls The Ministry of Interior has referred two soldiers for investigation after one of them hit an Asian and the other pushed an Arab to the ground inside a commercial complex in Salmiya area when mobile C... May 19, 2021 1462 Category: Crime News
Brawl Goes To Cops – ‘Will Never Return A case of assault and breaking into her home has been filed by an unidentified young Kuwaiti woman at the Hawalli Police Station, reports Al-Anba daily. According to the security sources the Operat... November 13, 2020 1155 Category: Crime News
Ministry Of Interior Arrested 8 People Who Involved In A Brawl The Ministry of Interior arrested 8 people of different nationalities involved in a fight in Sabah Al-Salem quarrel, two people who went into hiding were also arrested.    As per the s... October 23, 2020 1447 Category: Crime News
5 Expats Arrested For Brawl With Each Other Security officers arrested 5 expatriates of different nationalities for fighting among themselves with shoes in a commercial market in Fahaheel.   SOURCE : ARABTIMES ... June 28, 2020 1207 Category: Crime News
4 People Stabbed In A Brawl Four men with stab wounds have been admitted to a hospital and one of them, who was stabbed in the head, is believed to be in critical condition, reports Al-Rai daily. When the Operations Room of t... November 21, 2019 424 Category: Crime News
2 Iraqi Women In Brawl With A Kuwaiti Man A Kuwaiti man has been detained for interrogation by the police following a brawl in front of a restaurant with with two Iraqi women, reports Al- Rai daily. According to the sources the women were lea... April 14, 2019 448 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti And An American Woman Brawl In A Mall Two women – one of them a US citizen – have been referred to a police station in Fahaheel for exchanging blows and insults in front of shoppers in one of the malls in the area, reports Al-... April 09, 2019 476 Category: Crime News
Wanted Kuwaiti Arrested For Involvement In Financial Case A Kuwaiti citizen, who is wanted by law for his involvement in a financial case worth KD 900, has been arrested. According to security sources, a quarrel broke out between the citizen and a taxi drive... April 05, 2019 248 Category: Crime News
Hospital Damaged In A Brawl Report Denied Medical sources at the Jahra hospital denied reports that some facilities of the hospital were damaged following a brawl among visitors at the entrance of the hospital, reports Al-Rai daily. The so... January 08, 2019 2232 Category: Crime News
16 Syrian And Egyptian Expatriates Deported After Brawl Sixteen Syrian and Egyptian expatriates have been deported from Kuwait following a violent altercation, according to Al Qabas. Interior Ministry Undersecretary Lieutenant-General Essam Al Naham ord... November 13, 2018 722 Category: Crime News
Syrian And A Bangladeshi Hurt In Brawl Two expatriates – a Syrian and a Bangladeshi – sustained injuries and bruises throughout their body during a quarrel between them in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area. According to security source... November 13, 2018 404 Category: Crime News
Many Arrested In Avenues Mall Brawl The police dealt with a group of youngsters who were involved in a public brawl that took place at the Avenues Mall and went viral on social media recently, stated General Department of Public Relatio... September 11, 2018 4580 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Citizen And Asian Expat Were Arrested For Starting A Public Brawl An elderly Kuwaiti citizen and an Asian expatriate were arrested for starting a public brawl in the parking area of Jahra Cooperative Society. According to security sources, when the Operations Room o... April 23, 2018 550 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced A Kuwaiti To 10 Years Imprisonment For Killing An Egyptian The Court of Cassation has upheld the verdict of the Court of Appeals and sentenced a Kuwaiti to 10 years imprisonment for killing an Egyptian, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily added, the Egyptian was... November 29, 2017 692 Category: Crime News
Security Operatives Apprehended Some Civilians Who Engaged In Public Brawl At Fuel Station Security operatives apprehended some civilians who engaged members of a security patrol team in a public brawl at a fuel station in Al-Qadsiya area. A video clip of the incident went viral on social m... November 14, 2017 738 Category: Crime News
4 Kuwaitis Hurt In Brawl Four Kuwaitis sustained injuries in different parts of their bodies after engaging in a public brawl with several others in Saad Al-Abdullah. Securitymen and paramedics rushed to the location after th... October 19, 2017 782 Category: Crime News
Kuwaitis And Syrians Hurt In Public Brawl In Salmiya A public brawl between three Kuwaitis and five Syrians inside a commercial complex in Salmiya caused injuries to several of them. Initial investigations revealed that while the three Kuwaitis were sho... June 28, 2017 624 Category: Crime News
Cops Have Arrested 20 Youths In Shuwaikh Brawl Police have arrested 20 youths, who were involved in a brawl in Shuwaikh. The youths were arrested immediately after someone posted a clip of the fight in the social media. Police initially arrested f... June 18, 2017 600 Category: Crime News
Two Groups Of Youths Engaged In Public Brawl Along Love Street Two groups of youths engaged in a public brawl along Love Street. The Interior Ministry dispatched a security team to the location after its Operations Unit received information about the fight. Five ... May 08, 2017 1095 Category: Crime News
Two Players Were Involved In A Brawl Two players were involved in a brawl during the final of the handball match between Kuwait and Salmiya, reports Al-Shahed daily. One of them accused the other of violent tackle and things ran out of c... March 31, 2017 1085 Category: Crime News
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