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Beware Of Fake News, MOI Kuwaitis and expats have been warned against spreading rumors and distorted news by the Cybercrime Department, MOI advises them to take information only from official sources in order to avoid being h... August 16, 2022 168 Category: Crime News
Beware Of Suspicious Operations The Ministry of Communications has warned citizens and residents about suspicious people who send text messages via e-mail or electronic links asking to pay fees for ‘non-existent’ shipmen... October 23, 2021 503 Category: Kuwait
Beware The Dangers Of Public Wifi With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing an increasing number of companies to shift to remote work, some employees working from home have been struggling to find a quiet environment for work. The hospita... October 14, 2020 655 Category: Business
Beware Unauthorized Sale Of COVID-19 Testing Devices Kuwait’s Ministry of Health (MoH) warned Wednesday about fraud committed by some people who were selling unauthorized coronavirus testing devices, which led to the arrest of an expatriate. The M... March 19, 2020 472 Category: Coronavirus
Kuwait Beware: WHO Warns Against Coronavirus Scam The World Health Organisation (WHO) has issued a “coronavirus scam alert”, warning the public against falling prey to criminals who may be using the organisation’s name to steal mone... March 02, 2020 1321 Category: Coronavirus
Beware Of Transmitting Diseases By Spraying Water As Kuwait prepares to celebrate national holidays, head of ophthalmology department at Jaber Hospital, ophthalmology and retina consultant Dr. Jamal Al-Kandari, warned of the dangers of the phenomenon... February 24, 2020 554 Category: Health
Beware Of Fake Police In Kuwait – US Embassy THE US Embassy in Kuwait has issued a warning to American citizens to take care when approached by persons claiming to be police officers. Below the full security alert issued by the embassy. &ldqu... December 17, 2019 358 Category: Kuwait
Beware Of Turmeric - Chemical Added To Make Look Brighter Results of a new research sounded the alarm on a serious form of commercial fraud, as it revealed that lead toxic chromate (PbCrO4) is being used in Bangladesh to give turmeric roots and powder a brig... September 29, 2019 309 Category: Kuwait
Beware Of Fraudulent Calls, Warns Indian Embassy Indian Embassy in Kuwait warns the community members about fraudulent calls claiming as Embassy officials. In a press release, Indian Embassy informedthat unscrupulous individuals are telephoning Indi... August 25, 2019 441 Category: Kuwait
Beware Of Masked Man Who Uses Pepper Powder To Rob Indian Women Police are looking for an unidentified masked man for using pepper powder to rob valuables from apartments, reports Al-Rai daily.   The daily added, this came to light when an unidentified ... April 18, 2019 769 Category: Crime News
Beware Of Callers Offering Cash Rewards The Secretary- General of Kuwait Banking Association Dr Hamad Al-Hassawi has called on all banks clients to be cautious when responding to telephone calls, reports Al-Rai daily. In a press statemen... May 17, 2018 455 Category: Crime News
Beware Of Burglars In Houses While Going For Vacation The recent incident of burglary in apartments, while the tenets are on vacation, worries the expat community living in Kuwait. In one of the recent incident in Abbassiya, where large number of Indians... June 02, 2017 1618 Category: Kuwait
Beware Bogus Maid Supplier Agents General for Residency Investigation Affairs Department affiliated to Citizenship and Passport sector arrested two domestic manpower agents for trafficking in persons. The arrest followed informatio... June 25, 2016 1239 Category: Kuwait
Embassy Advises Indian Community To Beware Of Fraudsters The Government of India has issued an advisory to all Non Resident Indians working overseas to exercise caution and beware of fraudsters. The advisory states New Delhi has received several reports ... June 09, 2016 1317 Category: Kuwait
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