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MOC To Ban Imports Of ‘Ice Breakers’ Gum Because It Contains Pig Gelatin The decision to ban the import of gum “Ice Breakers Gum” and its various flavors and types in Kuwait, came into force after it was published in the Official Gazette (Kuwait Al-Yawm) in its... August 26, 2019 322 Category: Kuwait
My baby nearly died from a shopping trolley’: Mum warns other parents about putting their kids in trolley "My baby nearly died from a shopping trolley’: Mum warns other parents about putting their tots in trolley seats after her 10-month-old son caught a deadly virus" A MUM is warning f... June 17, 2019 25447 Category: International
PAI Has Missed A Golden Chance Because It Was Too Late In Creating Additional Storage Areas In The Country The Public Authority for Industry has missed a golden opportunity for the business community, trade and investment, because it was too late in creating additional storage areas in the country, as a re... May 19, 2019 245 Category: Kuwait
About 30 Foreign Advisers Left The Country After Ending Their Contracts Because Of The Parliamentary Threats To Interrogate Ministers Following the alleged departure of 30 foreign advisers from Kuwait, the government has warned against doing away with rare expertise, reports Al-Qabas daily. The sources added, the recent campaign ... April 25, 2019 313 Category: Kuwait
77 Palestinian Teachers Have Rejected The Contracts Because Of Low Salary A total of 77 Palestinian teachers chosen by the Ministry of Education to teach in public schools have rejected the contracts because the salary offered to them was almost half of what they expected. ... May 19, 2017 640 Category: Kuwait