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Wife Beats Up Husband With A Broom Police have taken into custody an unidentified couple for fighting in front of the building where they stay and causing disturbance to others, reports Al-Rai daily.   According to the secur... April 29, 2019 786 Category: Crime News
MPs Son Beats Asian Restaurant Worker An Asian working in a famous restaurant on the Green Island got injuries and fracture in his leg when the son of a National Assembly member beat him due to an earlier dispute between them. Securitymen... April 11, 2019 722 Category: Crime News
Stepfather Assaulting Stepdaughter  An unidentified 20-year-old woman has filed a complaint with the Hawalli police accusing her stepfather of assaulting her, reports Al-Rai daily. According to the daily the woman has submitted... April 04, 2019 260 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Beats Up His Wife And Sister-in-law An unidentified Egyptian resident in Kuwait, has been arrested by the police for taking the law in his hands and assaulting and verbally abusing his wife and her sister. According to security sourc... February 25, 2019 387 Category: Crime News
Asian Gang Beats Up Syrian Brothers A Kuwaiti woman sustained severe injuries and fractures including a nose fracture when she was attacked by her husband during a quarrel between them in Fahaheel area. According to security sources,... September 27, 2018 838 Category: Crime News
Ex-Husband Beats Up Kuwaiti Woman A case of beating and assault has been filed against the ex-husband of an unidentified Kuwaiti woman, reports Al-Anba daily. The woman, who is believed to be in her 40s, in her complaint to the police... September 17, 2018 709 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Woman Beats Expat For Marrying Her Husband When a Kuwaiti woman accidentally discovered that her husband is married to another expat woman she reportedly went to the apartment of the second wife and beat her. A security source said this was di... June 12, 2017 766 Category: Crime News
Man Beats Wife For Refusing To Act Like Porn Stars, Arrested Man asked his wife to imitate actors of a porn movie he was watching on his cell phone and when she refused, he beat her up so badly that she ended up in a hospital here. The police arrested the hu... February 29, 2016 4436 Category: Kuwait
Man Beats Roommate For Switching On Light A carpenter was sentenced to three months in jail for beating up his colleague, who switched on the light after returning from work, for disturbing his sleep. In May, the 33-year-old Thai carpent... February 23, 2016 2798 Category: Kuwait
Rookie Beats Veteran MPs For Kuwait Seat An independent newcomer has beaten two former lawmakers to win a vacant seat in Kuwait’s parliament. With 7,281 votes, Ali Abdullah Al Khamees emerged a clear winner in the by-elections held ... February 21, 2016 1310 Category: Kuwait
Saudi Teacher Beats Student Saudi educational authorities have suspended a teacher after he was caught hitting a student. The incident happened in a classroom in a school for gifted students in the Red Sea city of Jeddah. T... February 16, 2016 1422 Category: Kuwait
Indian Beats His Egyptian Co-Worker An Indian man was taken for questioning and charged with assault for beating Egyptian co-worker , MOI received a call about a fight broke out between the two men , the injured man was sent to Adan hos... January 30, 2016 1976 Category: Kuwait
A Filipino Wife Beats Her Husband An Egyptian man filed a complaint with the Al-Qurain police station accusing his Filipino wife of beating him with a metal object on his back while he was sleeping , he gave police a medical diagnoses... December 01, 2015 1487 Category: Kuwait
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