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Cash Transactions Ban At Domestic Help Offices And Exhibitions Two decisions by Kuwait's Commerce and Industry Minister Fahad Al-Shuraian ban cash payments at domestic help offices and exhibitions, regardless of whether the exhibitors are Kuwaitis or foreigne... August 14, 2022 240 Category: Kuwait
PAM Prohibits Children From Participating In Camel Races A ban has been imposed on the employment of juveniles under the age of 18 in camel races by the Public Authority for Manpower. According to a local Arabic daily, Manpower on its social media accoun... August 02, 2022 87 Category: Kuwait
Ban On Domestic Workers Transfer Should Be Reconsidered A prominent Kuwaiti labour activist has urged Kuwaiti authorities to reconsider a ban on domestic workers being transferred between employers in cases of disputes to alleviate labour shortages. Bas... July 20, 2022 394 Category: Kuwait
Netflix Ban Case In Kuwait Is Adjourned To June 8 In order to give the government time to ban Netflix in Kuwait, the Administrative Court adjourned the case until June 8. Specifically, the claimant argues that the content provided by the subscription... May 26, 2022 382 Category: Kuwait
Doctor Strange 2 Banned In Qatar, Kuwait, And Saudi Arabia For LGBTQ+ Character Middle East censors have banned Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, according to The Wrap. Although the censors have not provided any reasons for banning the fil... April 23, 2022 335 Category: Entertainment
The Kuwaiti Government Recommends That 'Kinder' Brand Products From Belgium Be Banned In Kuwait, the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition recommends that all Kinder brand food products be withdrawn from the country of origin, Belgium. Based on the latest developments in the Inter... April 10, 2022 1387 Category: Kuwait
Restaurant In Bahrain Shuts Down Over Ban On Women Wearing Hijabs Authorities in Bahrain's capital, Manama, have shut down an Indian restaurant after a woman wearing the hijab was denied access. After video footage of restaurant staff in the Muslim-majority c... March 29, 2022 3006 Category: International
Saudi Arabia: Ban On Streaming Live Prayers From Mosques During Ramadan Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Islamic Affairs has prohibited mosques from broadcasting live sermons during Ramadan, reports the state-owned press agency SPA. As a result, Imams and worshippers are... March 24, 2022 519 Category: Saudi Arabia
COVID-19: Iftar Is Banned In Kuwaiti Mosques According to a local newspaper, Kuwait has banned the use of mosques for iftar banquets during Ramadan to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Kuwait's Ministry of Awqaf (Endowments) and Islamic Aff... March 24, 2022 679 Category: Ramadan
Impose A Ban On The Export Of Domestic Poultry By MOCI Fahd Al-Shariaan, the minister of commerce and industry, announced that the ministry plans to prohibit poultry exports. However, he noted that 1,420 companies are backed by the National Fund for Sm... March 23, 2022 176 Category: Kuwait
Paper, Cardboard And Other Basic Commodities Will Be Banned By The Ministry With a proactive approach to curbing price hikes, Kuwait's Ministry of Commerce and Industry has announced that it will impose restrictions on export and re-export of several basic and primary com... March 19, 2022 768 Category: Kuwait
An International Survey Reveals 75% Of People Want Single-use Plastics Banned In a poll released on Tuesday, two-thirds of respondents said single-use plastics should be banned immediately. A global treaty to curb plastic pollution is slated to begin talks among United Nations ... February 22, 2022 155 Category: International
Five Countries Temporarily Banned From Importing Live Birds From France, Iran, Belgium, Pakistan, and Bulgaria, the Director-General of the General Administration of Customs has put a temporary restriction on the import of all sorts of live birds, hatching egg... February 13, 2022 552 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Government Submits To Blackmail Over Cancellation Of Women's Yoga Event The cancellation of the women's yoga event in Kuwait has caused a stir in social circles, the Al-Rai daily reports. People view the daily, continuous restrictions on the simple leisure space avail... February 10, 2022 286 Category: Kuwait
The Indonesian government bans foreign tourists from Jakarta's airport The transport ministry says Indonesia has temporarily banned foreign tourists from entering the country through Jakarta's airport to stem an outbreak of coronavirus infections caused by the Omicro... February 07, 2022 147 Category: Travel
Governor Seeks ‘amended’ Decree On Banning Non-families In Houses The Capital Governor Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled called for amending decree No. 125/1992, prohibiting the housing of non-families in private and model houses, and establishing a municipal court to adjudica... January 08, 2022 476 Category: Kuwait
Philippines: Child Marriage Ban Takes Effect Child marriage became illegal in the Philippines on Thursday as a law banning the practice took effect in a country where one in six girls enters wedlock before the age of 18. The impoverished Sout... January 06, 2022 313 Category: International
Ban On Import Of Cows From UK; Birds, Eggs From Poland Barred The General Administration of Customs has issued a decision to temporarily ban the import of live cows from the United Kingdom to Kuwait. The ban has been imposed at the request of the Public Authorit... January 04, 2022 259 Category: International
North Koreans Banned From Laughing For 11 Days To Mark Kim Jong Il's Death Anniversary North Korea has banned its citizens from laughing, shopping and drinking for 11 days to mark former leader Kim Jong Il's 10th death anniversary. While the country observes the mourning period, ... December 19, 2021 678 Category: International
Kuwait Bans Entry Of Ships Carrying Goods To And From Israel Commercial vessels carrying goods to and from Israel will be banned from crossing Kuwait’s territorial waters, Kuwaiti media reported Rana Al Faris, Minister of Public Works and Minister of S... December 06, 2021 1366 Category: Kuwait
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