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Governor Seeks ‘amended’ Decree On Banning Non-families In Houses The Capital Governor Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled called for amending decree No. 125/1992, prohibiting the housing of non-families in private and model houses, and establishing a municipal court to adjudica... January 08, 2022 437 Category: Kuwait
Philippines: Child Marriage Ban Takes Effect Child marriage became illegal in the Philippines on Thursday as a law banning the practice took effect in a country where one in six girls enters wedlock before the age of 18. The impoverished Sout... January 06, 2022 233 Category: International
Ban On Import Of Cows From UK; Birds, Eggs From Poland Barred The General Administration of Customs has issued a decision to temporarily ban the import of live cows from the United Kingdom to Kuwait. The ban has been imposed at the request of the Public Authorit... January 04, 2022 197 Category: International
North Koreans Banned From Laughing For 11 Days To Mark Kim Jong Il's Death Anniversary North Korea has banned its citizens from laughing, shopping and drinking for 11 days to mark former leader Kim Jong Il's 10th death anniversary. While the country observes the mourning period, ... December 19, 2021 611 Category: International
Kuwait Bans Entry Of Ships Carrying Goods To And From Israel Commercial vessels carrying goods to and from Israel will be banned from crossing Kuwait’s territorial waters, Kuwaiti media reported Rana Al Faris, Minister of Public Works and Minister of S... December 06, 2021 1295 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Bans Import Of Live Birds From Poland, Hungary, Kazakhstan The Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) issued a decision to ban the import of all types of live birds, hatching eggs and one-day-old chicks and broiler chickens from... December 01, 2021 150 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait May Ban Entry Of Incoming Passengers From Africa The Corona Committee in the next few hours will hold a meeting with senior officials from the ministries of Health, Interior and Civil Aviation authorities to discuss the epidemiological situation in ... November 27, 2021 501 Category: Travel
New Law Banning Home Delivery Service Motorcyclists Using Highways, Motorways Suffocate Companies, Restaurants The recent decision issued by the concerned authorities to ban home delivery workers (those using two-wheelers) from plying on highways, motorways, ring roads and main roads has thrown the home delive... November 09, 2021 553 Category: Kuwait
Ban On Delivery Bikes On Highways From Sunday The decision to ban the delivery bikes on highways will be in force starting from Sunday, November 7th. Federation of Restaurants and Delivery Companies, in an agreement with the authorities, decid... November 06, 2021 295 Category: Kuwait
Ban On Renewing Visas For Over 60s Banned In its ruling issued on Thursday, 7 October, the Cabinet’s Fatwa and Legislation Committee announced that there is no legal basis to ban work permits for expatriates 60 years and over in age who... October 09, 2021 2177 Category: Kuwait
Covid-19: India Extends International Flight Ban Until October 31 The Indian civil aviation regulator on Tuesday extended the ban on international passenger flights until October 31, 2021. However, the ban is not applicable to cargo flights and those approved by the... September 28, 2021 748 Category: India
Manpower: The Ban On Working At Noon In Open Places Ends The Public Authority for Manpower announced the end of the period scheduled to ban work at noon in open places during the period from the first of June to August 31, from 11 pm to 4 pm, indicating tha... September 01, 2021 642 Category: Kuwait
Oman Lifts Travel Ban On India, Pakistan, Bangladesh From Sep. 1 Oman has decided to lift the travel ban on fully vaccinated passengers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other 18 countries that were red-listed, The Omani Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announced ... August 23, 2021 1647 Category: Travel
India Extends International Flight Ban India on Friday extended the suspension on international commercial flight operations until August 31, 2021. “In partial modification of circular dated 26-06-2020, the competent authority has... July 31, 2021 3513 Category: India
Ban On Cafes Serving Sisha Continues In Kuwait Until Further Notice Shisha cafes are allowed to continue to remain open for business but they are still banned from serving shisha, local media reported. Although restaurants and cafes were allowed to reopen in M... July 27, 2021 329 Category: Kuwait
Bahrain Bans Entry For Travellers From ‘Red List’ Countries Manama, July 13 (BNA): The Civil Aviation Affairs has updated travel regulations, expanding the number of Red List countries, in line with directives issued by the Government Executive Committee after... July 13, 2021 1644 Category: International
Covid-19: India Extends International Flight Ban Until July 31 India on Wednesday extended the suspension on international commercial flight operations until July 31, 2021. “In partial modification of circular dated 26-06-2020, the competent authority ha... June 30, 2021 846 Category: India
‘Ban On Travelers From Kuwait To Austria Stays Effective Until 30th’ The Austrian Embassy confirmed that the ban on the entry of travelers from Kuwait to Austria remains in effect until June 30, indicating there might be changes at the beginning of July if there are up... June 16, 2021 374 Category: Kuwait
Up To 200 KD Fine Per Worker Who Violates Summer Work Ban Outside As the temperature peaks, the Public Authority for Manpower intensified its efforts to check violators of the decision to hire outside workers during the noon time. According to the provision of Ar... June 09, 2021 341 Category: Crime News
Philippines Lifts Ban On Deployment Of Workers To Saudi Arabia The Philippines has lifted a ban on the deployment of workers to Saudi Arabia, which it imposed after receiving reports that workers were being asked to shoulder COVID-19 test and quarantine costs in ... May 29, 2021 245 Category: Saudi Arabia
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