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A Defect In The Radar Of Kuwait Airport Diverts The Turkish Route To Baghdad A Turkish Airlines plane diverted its landing path to Baghdad International Airport instead of Kuwait Airport due to a technical failure in Kuwait Airport’s radar. Sources Revealed that the c... July 10, 2021 469 Category: Travel
Iraq Fire: Death Toll Rises To 82, 110 Injured At Baghdad Hospital For Covid-19 Patients Today, Sunday, the Iraqi Ministry of Interior announced that the death toll from the fire that broke out on Saturday night, Sunday, at Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital in Baghdad, designated for those infected ... April 25, 2021 405 Category: Information
Kuwait Condemns Attempt To Storm U.S. Embassy In Baghdad Kuwait strongly condemned the recent attempt to storm the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, Kuwait's Foreign Ministry said on Thursday. The action is a clear violation of the Vienna Convention on ... January 03, 2020 714 Category: International
Iraq's Key Port Closed Again; 4 Protesters Killed In Baghdad Four Iraqis were shot and killed on Thursday as they tried to remove barriers blocking their march in central Baghdad, while in the south, protesters forced the closing of the country's main port ... November 08, 2019 438 Category: International
Baghdad Hands Over To Kuwait 42,000 Books Belonging To Kuwait National Library And Kuwait University The visiting Iraqi Foreign Undersecretary Ambassador Hazem Al-Yousefideclared on Wednesday that Iraq handed over to Kuwait 42,000 books belonging to Kuwait National Library and Kuwait University. ... August 29, 2019 569 Category: Kuwait
From Khosrow To Hulagu To Modern Tatars --- Baghdad Always Victorious PERHAPS, the geographical and strategic curse made Iraq the center of greed for old and modern nations. Iraq has witnessed many occupations and blockades for several centuries. After every onslaught, ... December 03, 2018 1130 Category: Article
At Least 9 Killed In Baghdad Blasts At least nine people were killed on Thursday in a double suicide bombing targeting a mosque for Shiite worshippers in the northwest of the Iraqi capital, police said. Sunni extremists of the Isla... February 26, 2016 1877 Category: Kuwait
18 Killed By Gunmen In Baghdad Shopping Mall At least eighteen people were killed as armed assailants broke into a shopping mall in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, officials said. Daesh terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack.... January 12, 2016 1516 Category: Kuwait
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