News On Autism
Special Attention For Special Needs Minister of Health Dr. Khaled Al- Saeed on Wednesday vowed to employ his long expertise in child medicine to overhaul the Public Authority for Disability Affairs. The minister was replying to a statem... January 20, 2022 205 Category: Kuwait
University Of Miami Alumna Brings Autism Clinic Home To Kuwait Every morning, the two-year-old arrived at autism clinic crying – for a harrowing 90 minutes. But after two weeks, he walked in dry-eyed and hugged his student therapist. Fajer Almenaie knew the... October 15, 2020 699 Category: Kuwait
Health Minister Launches Electronic Campaign To Raise Awareness Of Autism Head of the Information Office in the Ministry of Health Dr. Ghalia Al-Mutairi announced on Saturday the launching of an electronic campaign in the social media to raise awareness of Autism and to dra... April 02, 2016 1221 Category: Kuwait
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