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Real Estate Authorization Prevents Housewives From Receiving Salaries Several Kuwaiti housewives have discovered that the real estate authorization they signed is irrevocable and prevents them from receiving due salaries in case they are without jobs or pension, and the... August 08, 2019 553 Category: Kuwait
Ministerial Source Warned Citizens Against Signing Real Estate Authorization A ministerial source has warned citizens against buying and selling of properties through the signing of real estate authorization, which cannot be revoked if the process of registration isn’t c... August 08, 2019 238 Category: Kuwait
MP Mohammed Al-Dalal Submitted Query To MOF About Technical Inspection Of Aircraft MP Mohammed Al-Dalal has submitted a query to the Minister of Finance about the technical inspection of aircraft in Kuwait. In the query the lawmaker said according to a news report the internation... April 25, 2018 550 Category: Kuwait
Planning To Establish Special Courts For Inheritance Lawsuits Minister of Justice and State Minister for National Assembly Affairs Dr Faleh Al-Azeb disclosed that he is seriously thinking about putting up special courts for inheritance lawsuits, taking into cons... March 07, 2017 498 Category: Kuwait
No two jobs without permission Muncipality Kuwait Municipality has started preparing a list of its expatriate employees who are working in other jobs without the municipality’s authorization, reports Al-Rai daily quoting a reliable sourc... February 19, 2017 977 Category: Kuwait
Two Kuwaiti Citizens Who Were Caught In Possession Of Heroin And Avion For Consumption The Misdemeanor Court of First Instance refrained from pronouncing penalty against two Kuwaiti citizens who were caught in possession of heroin and “Avion” for consumption. However, their ... November 11, 2016 855 Category: Crime News
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