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MPW Center Pays Attention To Needs Of Construction Sector The Director of the Government Center for Inspection and Quality Control Sector at the Ministry of Public Works, Dr Khadija Al-Mutairi, said the sector pays attention to the needs of the construction ... November 01, 2020 489 Category: Information
Kuwait’s Perfumes Industry Garners Wide-scale Attention Kuwait’s perfumes industry had proven itself as a valuable market asset, attracting various business opportunities and garnering widescale attention especially from the youth. Perfumers in the p... November 28, 2018 571 Category: Kuwait
Government Issues Decisive Orders To Develop Failaka Island The ministers, at the weekly regular session on Monday, dedicated special attention to developing Failaka island, instructing competent authorities to take all necessary action to press ahead with ren... March 27, 2018 427 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Says Regional Conflicts Prevent SDGs Implementation Kuwait's Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Sabeeh said Monday conflicts in the region prevented implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specially in countries w... November 14, 2017 637 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Banks Ban Use Of Bitcoin Digital Currency Banks operating in Kuwait have banned any use of the worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system Bitcoin. The Kuwait Central Bank conducted a wide-ranging survey which revealed that local b... November 06, 2017 993 Category: Crypto
No.of AIDS Patients In Kuwait Has Risen To 320 The number of AIDS patients in Kuwait has risen to 320, an increase of about 30 cases from last year, while the number of infection from the virus was about 290 in 2016. The main reason for the inc... September 15, 2017 732 Category: Kuwait
Indian Embassy Announces Change In Date Of Meeting With Indian Minister The Indian Embassy would like to bring attention to the press release dated 12 September, 2017 regarding an Indian community interaction with Shri M. J. Akbar, Hon’ble Minister of State for Exte... September 13, 2017 1494 Category: Kuwait
Health Minister Supports Stricter Punitive Measures For Assaults Minister of Health Dr. Jamal Al-Harbi asserted on Monday that he fully supports a proposal submitted by the Kuwait Medical Association (KMA) to reinforce punitive actions against anyone who assault me... August 28, 2017 508 Category: Kuwait
After 2015-16 Decline, Global Oil And Gas Investment To Stabilise After two years of decline in 2015 and 2016, global upstream oil and gas investment is set to stabilise and even rise slightly in 2017, but due largely to US shale investments, while the remainder of ... July 11, 2017 463 Category: Kuwait
GOC Osama Shamsudeen Says The Workers Of Oil Company Are Witnessing Tragedies Deputy Chairman of Labor Union at Gulf Oil Company Osama Shamsudeen says the workers of the oil company are witnessing tragedies one after the other. A number of their colleagues in the Wafra Joint Op... June 25, 2017 1082 Category: Kuwait
Marina Hotel Welcomes Ramadan With Iftar And Ghabka Offerings Marina Hotel welcomes Ramadan 2017 with an array of Iftar and Ghabka offerings during the holy month. Among several options within the hotel’s dining choices, an exquisite Iftar buffet with A... May 26, 2017 1704 Category: Kuwait
Securitymen Arrested A GCC National In Possession Of Captagon Pill Jahra securitymen arrested a GCC national in possession of Captagon pills in Qasr area. He caught the attention of patrolling securitymen while he parked his vehicle on the side of a road to wait for ... May 18, 2017 480 Category: Crime News
Civil Court Ordered Payment Of Compensation To A Kuwaiti Woman A Kuwaiti civil court ordered payment of compensation worth KD 3,000 to a Kuwaiti woman for the damages she sustained following a traffic accident. She had filed a lawsuit demanding compensation, insi... April 12, 2017 685 Category: Crime News
Girls Suffering From Mental Disabilities Force To Undergo Hysterectomy Some families especially those with girls suffering from severe mental disabilities force such girls to undergo hysterectomy when they reach puberty under the pretext of fears over their future and so... April 04, 2017 1015 Category: Kuwait
Ethiopian Housemaid Reveals That She Was Fine An Ethiopian housemaid who appeared in a video clip made by her sponsor and circulated on the social media which shows the maid attempting to jump to her death from the seventh floor of a residential ... April 04, 2017 1141 Category: Crime News
Kharafi National Labour Had Brought Their Grievance Of Not Being Paid Their Due Salaries In mid-February several hundred Indian workers from Kuwait’s leading infrastructure development company Kharafi National had brought their grievance of not being paid their due salaries — ... March 21, 2017 5176 Category: Kuwait
Meeting On The Iraqi Demonstration Regarding Iraq And Kuwait Borders-MP MP Faisal Al-Kandari revealed that he and some of his colleagues have submitted a request to allocate two hours of the next session for a closed door meeting on the Iraqi demonstration at Abdullah Bay... February 10, 2017 742 Category: Kuwait
Medical Employees Expressed Rejection Of Racial Speeches Against Expats A number of doctors and medical employees expressed their rejection of the recent widespread racial talks targeting expatriates in Kuwait, reports Al-Rai daily. Consultant Endocrinologist, and Diabete... January 19, 2017 1071 Category: Kuwait
Govt Shifts Attention To Lifting Petrol Subsidization The government intends to go ahead soon with plans to reduce subsidies on petrol, as a cabinet-affiliated economic committee meets this week to study proposals presented on that regard. The proposa... May 09, 2016 1954 Category: Kuwait
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