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An Asian Attempts To Commit Suicide In Jleeb Today and Asian expat was brought to Farwaniya hospital after he attempted to commit suicide by jumping off bachelors building in Jleeb Al Shuyokh. The Ministry of Interior dealt with the suicide i... May 08, 2020 2281 Category: Crime News
Customs Personnel Foiled Over 400 Smuggling Attempts In 2019 The Director of Air Customs Administration, Mutlaq Al-Anzi revealed the customs personnel in 2019 thwarted over 400 smuggling attempts, reports Al-Anba daily. He told the daily, the seizures vary... February 06, 2020 273 Category: Kuwait
Arab Man Attempts To Lure Woman For Sex The Hawalli police are looking for an unidentified Arab man who is said to have closed his cellphone after police contacted him, reports Al-Anba daily. This came after an Arab woman filed a complaint ... January 28, 2020 1474 Category: Crime News
Fake Police Attempts To Kidnap Korean Woman Police are looking for an unidentified police impersonator for allegedly attempting to kidnap a Korean woman, reports Al- Rai daily. According to the complainant she was walking along a street in S... December 12, 2019 427 Category: Crime News
Cyberwar Targets Kuwait, Region - 210,000 Penetration Attempts Within A Week According to security experts cyber attacks have become very serious in recent times. It is like a war fought between international intelligence services and organized networks and e-gangs who want to... October 07, 2019 311 Category: Kuwait
Cameroonian Maid Attempts To Smuggle In Drugs, Alcohol By Air Cargo Director General of the General Administration of Customs, Counselor Jamal Al-Jalawi, has ordered the arrest of the Cameroonian housemaid for allegedly attempting to smuggle into the country marijuana... June 25, 2019 302 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Home Delivery Boy Arrested For Attempts To Rape A Girl Police have arrested an Egyptian working for home delivery restaurant for harassing, molesting and attempting to rape a girl inside the elevator, reports Al-Rai daily.   A security source s... April 18, 2019 819 Category: Crime News
African Woman Attempts To Smuggle Marijuana Into The Country Assistant Undersecretary for Operations at the Interior Ministry, Major-General Jamal Al-Sayegh has referred an African woman to the General Department for Drugs Control for attempting to smuggle mari... March 24, 2019 299 Category: Crime News
Asian Expat Attempts New Way To Extort Money From Motorists Social media users have circulated a video footage showing an Asian expatriate throwing himself in front of luxurious cars in an industrial area in an attempt to extort money from motorists, reports A... March 22, 2019 637 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Man Attempts To Kidnap A Woman Police are looking for an unidentified Kuwaiti citizen for attempting to kidnap an unidentified young woman after she came out of the beauty parlor, reports Al-Rai daily. According to the complaina... January 20, 2019 616 Category: Crime News
Filipina Domestic Helper Attempts Suicide A Filipina domestic helper, who is believed to be in her 30s, has been admitted to the Farwaniya Hospital with fractures and internal bleeding, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily added the condition of ... January 08, 2019 317 Category: Crime News
Woman Harassed, Person Attempts To Break Open Main Door Police are looking for an unidentified person who attempted to break open the main door when the woman refused to let him in, reports Al-Rai daily. The man was reportedly stammering and the woman real... January 03, 2019 450 Category: Crime News
Indian Attempts To Leave Kuwait With Company’s KD 20,000 An unidentified Indian who attempted to leave the country with KD 20,000 from his company has been arrested by the police and referred to the concerned authorities, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily add... December 16, 2018 3375 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Woman Attempts Suicide An Egyptian woman was rushed to a hospital and given stomach wash following a void attempt to end her life by swallowing large doses of medicine, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, when the hus... October 12, 2018 446 Category: Crime News
The Kuwaiti Brotherhood Attempts To Rescue Turkish Economy A number of economists, politicians and journalists said, “The Kuwaiti Brotherhood’s move to buy the Turkish lira will not help in increasing its value against the US dollar. They rushe... August 19, 2018 626 Category: Kuwait
Syrian Girl Attempts Suicide A Syrian teenaged girl tried to commit suicide by jumping in front of a moving vehicle which hit her and caused injuries, reports Al-Anba daily. According to the driver of the vehicle, the teenager, h... July 22, 2018 491 Category: Crime News
Detractors Deride Duterte For Asking Filipinos To Leave Kuwait Kuwait says it stands ready to cooperate with the Philippines to address labor issues facing Filipino workers, but would also “act decisively” against attempts to breach its sovereignty. ... May 01, 2018 749 Category: Filipinos
Kuwait Ready To Defend Cases Filed By Teachers Chairman of Fatwa and Legislation Department Judge Salah Al-Misaad affirmed that the government will deal with any attempts aimed at filing cases against Kuwait, its government domains and financial e... August 28, 2017 459 Category: Kuwait
Asian Attempts Suicide An Indian man attempted suicide by swallowing 35 panadol tablets in a bid to end his life , he was admitted in Amiri Hospital for treatment, a case was registered against him.   SOURCE : AY... August 19, 2017 504 Category: Crime News
IOC Ignored All Attempts By Kuwait To Lift Sports Ban Stalls The International Olympic Committee (IOC) ignored all attempts by Kuwait to lift the ban imposed on the Kuwaiti sports activities, In response to the letter sent by the Minister of Commerce and Indust... August 11, 2017 541 Category: Kuwait
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