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Eid Al-Adha On 20th Of This Month, Says Astronomer Dr. Saleh Al-Ajiri Astronomer Dr. Saleh Al-Ajiri said that the first day of the month Dhul-Hijjah this year will be on Sunday, July 11, and accordingly, Tuesday, July 20, will be the first day of Eid al-Adha. Al-Ajir... July 04, 2021 371 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Astronomer Says First Days Of Shawwal And Eid Al-Fitr Will Be On 13th May Kuwaiti astronomer Dr Saleh Al-Ujairi said yesterday according to astronomical scientific standards, the first days of Shawwal and Eid Al-Fitr this year will be – God willing – Thursday, M... May 06, 2021 608 Category: Kuwait
Suhailiya Change Begins - Astronomer Adel Al-Saadoun Astronomer Adel Al-Saadoun announced the beginning of the second season of the year Suhailiya which falls on October 16 of each year, and runs for 52 days, reports Al-Rai daily. Al-Saadoun called the ... October 18, 2019 276 Category: Kuwait
NO Radioactive Elements In The Atmosphere - Astronomer Astronomer Adel Al-Saadoon has refuted rumors spread on social media platforms about the presence of radioactive elements in the atmosphere, following the global fear of possible radioactive contamina... August 18, 2019 225 Category: Kuwait
Holy Month Of Ramadan Is Expected To Fall On May 17 The holy month of Ramadan is expected to fall on May 17, coinciding with a Thursday, said Kuwaiti astronomer Adel Al-Saadoun said Sunday. He noted that the crescent might not be visible in Kuwait and ... April 23, 2018 1569 Category: Kuwait
Saleh Al-Ojairi - Eid On Sunday, June 25th Kuwaits famous astronomer Dr. Saleh Al-Ojairi announced that Sunday, June 25 is the first day of Eid Al-Fitr, the feast which follows the Holy month of Ramadan, Al-Ojairi explained that when the month... June 15, 2017 1162 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Astronomer Said That Weather Is Expected To Improve From Sunday Evening The weather is expected to gradually improve from Sunday evening as the winds will become relatively calmer with reduced cloud cover and lesser chances of rain, said Weather Forecast Observer at Kuwai... March 20, 2017 722 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Extreme Cold Weather Will Be Prevalent In Kuwait Extreme cold weather will be prevalent in Kuwait starting today until the end of the month, said Adel Al-Sadoun, a Kuwaiti astronomer and historian. Speaking to KUNA, Al-Sadoun said that the current w... January 25, 2017 728 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Kuwaiti Astronomer Has Warned That Kuwait Will Experience Severe Cold Weather From Dec 19 Kuwaiti astronomer Adel Al-Marzouq has warned that Kuwait will experience severe cold weather from Dec 19. According to Al-Anba daily, Al-Marzouq indicated that the nights are going to be longer an... December 14, 2016 6390 Category: Weather in Kuwait
First Day Of Ramadan Would Fall On June 6 Astronomer Dr Saleh Al-Ojairi said the first day of Ramadan would fall on Monday, June 6. The fasting period will be 15 hours and 37 minutes long, and the non-fasting period would be 8 hours and 23 mi... June 01, 2016 2847 Category: Others
Chance Of Rain This Weekend - Astronomer Astronomer Adel Al-Saadoun said today’s weather will be stable and that it would be cloudy during the weekend with a chance of scattered rain. Saadoun added that temperatures during the weekend ... April 07, 2016 906 Category: Kuwait