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Dubai Knife Fight Kills 3 Police in Dubai have arrested 10 suspects in a massive knife fight that killed three people, authorities said Wednesday, a relatively rare outburst of violence in the Gulf Arab sheikdom. The police sa... April 28, 2021 634 Category: Crime News
Asian’s Murder In Mangaf Probed Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Ahmadi branch, have opened an investigation into the incident of two Asian men – one of whom died with a blow to the head and the othe... April 25, 2021 522 Category: Crime News
An Under Construction House Collapsed In Rumaithiya, Asian Family Injured The Public Relations and Media Department of the General Fire Brigade said that firefighters were able to rescue a family of Asian nationalities after an under-construction part of the house they live... April 18, 2021 478 Category: Crime News
Two Asians Arrested With 4075 Bottles Of Homemade Liquor Two Asians were arrested with 4075 bottles of homemade liquor, the General Department of Security Relations and Media in the Ministry of Interior announced, and mentioned it was part of the efforts of... December 26, 2020 630 Category: Crime News
Four Asians Caught Gambling In City Police have arrested four Asians for gambling. They were caught in the Capital Governorate. The Directorate General of Public Relations and Security Media Department of the Interior Ministry said a... October 13, 2020 563 Category: Crime News
2 Asians Killed In Al Wafra Fire Two Asian men have died after a fire ripped through a residence of farm workers in Kuwait, the country’s firefighting service said. Two firefighting teams rushed to the scene of the blaze in ... September 15, 2020 710 Category: Information
Medical Tests Conducted On 1,000 Asians Living In 4 Residential Buildings In Mirqab The governor of the capital, Sheikh Talal Al -Khaled, supervised the medical examination procedures for nearly 1,000 Asian workers living in 4 residential buildings in Mirqab in measures to contain th... May 02, 2020 694 Category: Coronavirus
Two Apartments In Mirqab Packed With 95 Asians 95 expats were forced to live in two apartments in a building in the Al-Mirqab area which evoked condemnation from the governor of the capital, Sheikh Talal Al -Khaled. Most of the expatriates are ... April 10, 2020 13462 Category: Coronavirus
Asians Set Up Restaurants In Building Apartments, Provide Food To Illegals Due to lack of oversight from the Hawalli Municipality, a group of Asian workers have transformed a number of apartments in Hawalli into restaurants with Asian flavor, indifferent to the various state... April 08, 2019 416 Category: Kuwait
Heavy Fines For Kuwaitis, Asians Caught Uprooting Plants, Trees To Feed Livestock Three citizens and three Asians were referred to the Environment Public Authority (EPA) after the environment police caught them in the act of uprooting Haloxylon plants, reports Al Rai daily. This... December 12, 2018 641 Category: Crime News
2 Asians Injured In Salmi Road Collision Two Asians who were injured in a two-vehicle collision on Al-Salmi road have been admitted to the intensive care unit of Al-Jahra Hospital, reports Al-Rai daily. Paramedics and firemen rushed to th... October 21, 2018 731 Category: Crime News
3 Asians And An African Woman Arrested In Possession Of Porn, Liquor Farwaniya securitymen arrested three Asians and an African woman for violating the Residency Law with two bottles of local alcohol and 11 pornographic CDs in their possession. While patrolling the are... October 08, 2018 1103 Category: Crime News
2 Asians Die In Early Morning Crash Two Asians died yesterday at dawn following a collision between a passenger bus and a concrete mixer on the Mutla’a Road in the direction of Abdali, reports Al-Rai daily. Acting on information p... September 17, 2018 1671 Category: Crime News
Three Asians Arrested With 171 Cartons Of Alcohol The interior ministry’s relations and security media department announced that drugs control detectives arrested three Asians with 171 cartons of various brands of alcohol. Case details indicate... May 15, 2018 1263 Category: Crime News
2 Peddlers Nabbed Security operatives from Jleeb Shuyoukh apprehended two Asians for peddling in liquor and recovered KD 80 cash believed to be proceeds from the illegitimate trade in their possession, alongside bottle... November 26, 2017 616 Category: Crime News
3 Asians Held With 34 Bottles Of Locally Manufactured Liquor Three Asian expatriates were arrested on coastal road in possession of 34 bottles of locally manufactured liquor, says Al-Seyassah. According to security sources, Ahmadi securitymen were patrolling on... November 22, 2017 802 Category: Crime News
26 Asians Arrested For Gambling On A Pathway In Jleeb Officers from Farwaniya Security Command arrested 26 Asians for gambling on a pathway in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area. Apparently, the suspects had stationed four gambling tables when the officers descended... November 05, 2017 568 Category: Crime News
Fake Cop Arrested For Robbing Asians A Kuwaiti citizen was arrested for impersonating police and robbing Asians of their cell phones and money, reports Al-Anba daily. Five police stations had received several complaints from victims. An ... August 17, 2017 559 Category: Crime News
4 Asians Were Arrested In Bayan For Consuming Alcohol Four Asians, including an Indian, were arrested in Bayan for consuming alcohol. While patrolling the area, a security officer noticed the Indian who was dancing in the middle of the road. When the off... August 15, 2017 353 Category: Crime News
2 Asians Were Arrested For Possessing Drugs And Narcotic Pills Two Indians were arrested for possessing drugs and narcotic pills. According to security sources, Farwaniya securitymen were on routine patrol duty in Khaitan area when they suspected the two expatria... August 07, 2017 428 Category: Crime News