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Emergency Committee Meeting In Anticipation Of Rain Two Kuwaiti ministers said Thursday that an emergency committee meeting would be held in accordance with directives of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah Al-Saba... November 09, 2018 497 Category: Kuwait
Cabinet Examined Interpellation Motions Tabled By MPs The Kuwaiti Cabinet at its weekly session on Monday examined interpellation motions tabled by MPs against His Highness the Prime Minister and the ministers, urging the legislators to focus on crucial ... April 24, 2018 347 Category: Kuwait
Speculations On Small Chips - Kuwait Stockmarket Boursa Kuwait witnessed in the past week's sessions speculations on small chips and profit bagging particularly by leading and operating companies. New price levels were set for a large number of ... March 03, 2017 856 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Shining Brightly With Lights In Celebrating Hala February And National Days Kuwait is shining brilliantly with thousands of lights adorning buildings, locations and famed monuments as it is presently in the midst of its exciting month-long Hala February celebration. Kuwait is... February 19, 2017 900 Category: Kuwait
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