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Crackdown Begins On Anti-state Twitter Mafia As the investigations continue into the activities of the ‘Twitter Mafia’ the activities of this group of people who have been tampering with the national security for years have become cr... August 04, 2019 255 Category: Crime News
Customs Plans To Set Up Anti-corruption Department To Counter Spread Of Graft General Administration of Customs (GAC), in cooperation with a US consultancy firm, is preparing a comprehensive study to establish a new administration under the name of Anti-Corruption Department af... April 15, 2019 255 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait To Implement 5-yr Anti-corruption Strategy Minister of Justice Fahad Al-Afasi briefed the Cabinet Monday about a five-year anti-corruption strategy based on rule of law and complete transparency. Al-Afasi, also Minister of State for National A... January 22, 2019 447 Category: Kuwait
Around 12,000 Declare Assets, Anti-corruption Body Discloses Kuwait’s anti-corruption body said on Saturday that a total of 12,000 personal disclosure statements have been turned in this year, which is equivalent to 95 percent of people subject to the law... December 09, 2018 318 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority Receives Flood Crisis Report The Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority, also known as Nazaha, on Monday confirmed receiving the governmental report regarding the flood crisis. The report includes inputs from the governmental Techni... December 04, 2018 451 Category: Kuwait
Irregularities Continue In Al-Durra Co – Anti-graft Authority Need To Step In The file of special transactions for board members of Al-Durra Domestic Recruitment Company has become akin to governmental transactions that are passed under the table or the government’s contr... September 23, 2018 827 Category: Business
Kuwait’s Cultural Attaches Join Anti-fake Degrees War The cultural attachés of Kuwait in various countries launched a number of procedures with the aim of confronting the phenomenon of fake certificates and preserving public funds with the coopera... September 09, 2018 723 Category: Kuwait
Parliament Endorses Anti-Doping Agency Bill The Parliament endorsed the Anti-Doping Agency Bill in its first and second readings in an extraordinary session Monday with 45 out of 51 members voting in favor of the bill. This came after the Parli... June 26, 2018 444 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Delegation Visited Pakistan’s ANF And Discussed Anti Narcotics Matters An eight-member Kuwaiti delegation visited Pakistan’s Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) Headquarters in eastern Rawalpindi city on Thursday and discussed anti-narcotics matters and shared Kuwaiti exper... April 20, 2018 807 Category: Kuwait
Qatar To Maintain Support Of Anti Terror Efforts Turkey ‘loyal’ to deal President Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday reaffirmed Turkey’s support for Qatar in its dispute with four other Arab states, saying their demands against the tin... July 08, 2017 711 Category: International
Parliamentary Legal And Legislative Affairs Approved Amendments To Law On Anti Corruption Authority The parliamentary legal and legislative affairs, during a meeting on Sunday, approved amendments on some provisions of the Law 2/2016 on establishment of the Public Authority for Combating Corruption.... June 06, 2017 525 Category: Kuwait
Ministry Of Awqaf Targets Anti Terror Plan The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Undersecretary and Secretary- General of the High Commission for Promotion of Moderation Eng Fareed Emadi has affirmed that the commission is implementing its... April 27, 2017 776 Category: Kuwait
Anti Corruption Authority Refers Former Minister And Officials To Prosecution The anti-corruption authority on Monday referred to the prosecution a former minister, and a ministry’s senior official and supervisors over financial and administrative irregularities. The d... April 17, 2017 694 Category: Kuwait
Anti Corruption Authority Convene A Special Meeting On Fake Certificates Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority will convene a special meeting with the National Bureau of Academic Accreditation and Quality Education Assurance to discuss the issue of fake certificates quoting inf... December 20, 2016 832 Category: Kuwait
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