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Material Loss In Amghara Fire Six teams from Kuwait Fire Force (KFF) , on Thursday, controlled a blaze, which erupted in a warehouse of a packaging factory in Amghara area. A press statement by the (KFF) said that an emergency cal... December 09, 2021 244 Category: Crime News
Fire Broke Out In Amghara Firefighting teams controlled a fire that broke out at dawn today in Scrap cars in the Amghara area. The Public Relations and Media Department of the “Fire Department” said that the fir... August 22, 2020 825 Category: Kuwait
Five Firefighting Teams Control A Fire In Amghara The General Fire Department announced today, Saturday, that five firefighting teams managed to control a fire that broke out in a storage bag for blankets in an Amghara area of more than 2000 square m... July 12, 2020 458 Category: Kuwait
Body Found Dumped In Amghara Kuwait Police investigating a dead body found dumped in Amghara area, the body was referred to Forensics to identify his identity, police said they were investigating a possible murder.  ... May 10, 2020 948 Category: Crime News
6 Fire Teams Tackle Amghara Wood Store Fire Fire broke out in a chalet belonging to a hotel in Al-Bidaa area. No casualties were reported but material losses had incurred. Fire also engulfed a vehicle on King Fahad Expressway near Jabriya area.... November 09, 2018 363 Category: Crime News
Landmine Found A Special security forces successfully deactivated a live landmine in Amghara scrap that was left behind by the Iraqi army during the Kuwait invasion in 1990, they managed to deactivate it w... November 26, 2017 1081 Category: Crime News
Firefighters Douse Amghara Timber Factory Fire Firefighters have put out a fire which engulfed a timber factory in the industrial area of Amghara, west of the capital, authorities said on Saturday. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle ... August 13, 2017 466 Category: Kuwait
Dead Body Found In Amghara Area An investigation was opened into the death of a unknown man who found in Amghara area ,The body was referred to Forensics for autopsy to identify his identity.   SOURCE : AYMANMAT ... June 14, 2016 1918 Category: Crime News
2 Suicide Case In Amghara , Jahra An Indian man ended his life by hanging himself in Amghara area , The body was referred to forensics , In a similar case , a Citizen on his 40s commit suicide by hanging himself at his house in Jahra ... February 11, 2016 1336 Category: Kuwait
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