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Almost 39 Years After Losing Her In Kuwait, Woman Still Searching For Daughter A girl named Dilal Mohammad alias Saleha went missing 39 years ago in Kuwait. The mother of the girl has been waiting for 39 years to be reunited with her daughter. The mother, Sayeda Fatima Begum is ... February 27, 2019 371 Category: India
Almost One Million Indians In Kuwait The Indian Ambassador to Kuwait HE Jeeva Sagar hailed the active and effective role played by Indian citizens in Kuwait and various countries where he has served as the country’s representative,... January 14, 2019 1320 Category: Kuwait
Qatar Floods After Almost A Year's Rain Falls In One Day Qatar was hit by widespread flash flooding on Saturday as the desert state received almost a year's worth of rainfall in one day. Roads became impassable, air traffic was disrupted and homes were... October 22, 2018 1072 Category: International
National Identity Is Almost Obliterated Within That Governorate A number of Kuwaiti citizens unanimously agreed that crimes, traffic congestions, lawbreaking and violations, inadequate medical care, shortage of security operatives and presence of bachelors in many... April 03, 2018 478 Category: Kuwait
CID Has Closed The Files Of Almost 14 Fraud And Swindling Cases Worth KD 200,000  The General Department of Criminal Investigations has closed the files of almost 14 fraud and swindling cases worth KD 200,000 involving a bedoun. A security source said the suspect was caught b... May 09, 2017 788 Category: Crime News
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