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Alert In The MoE - An Engineer Infected With Corona The Ministry of Education immediately alerted upon its knowledge of the infection of an engineer of the Information Systems Department of the educational establishments sector with Corona virus, and m... May 03, 2020 1238 Category: Coronavirus
Maintain Alert, Caution And Serious Preparedness To Face All Possible Challenges - Cabinet The Cabinet later followed up the disturbing developments in the region in terms of escalations and its repercussions on the regional security and stability. Complementing another meeting held a coupl... January 07, 2020 295 Category: General
Alert - Online Methods Of Blackmail And Extortion Many online methods of blackmail and extortion have developed, and many young people have fallen victim into the hands of professional extortionists after they ignored the basic security procedures or... November 11, 2019 343 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait said to Downgrade State Of Partial Alert The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Lt-Gen Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah has sent a circular to all sectors of the ministry downgrading the state of partial alert, reports Al-Anba daily. A... October 03, 2019 768 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Army Units Put On Alert Presidency of the General Staff of Kuwait Army announced Wednesday that some military units are put in a state of combat readiness as a precaution against the current conditions in region. The measur... September 19, 2019 3650 Category: Kuwait
Alert Over Women Viagra In response to news item published in the local newspapers recently titled “Women viagra on its way to Kuwait”, health sources disclosed that concerned authorities carefully review any app... November 29, 2018 687 Category: Crime News
MOI Has Enlisted The Names Of Dual Nationalities And Placed Them On Alert List The Ministry of Interior has enlisted the names of those who hold dual nationalities and placed them on what the government calls ‘alert’ list, reports Al-Shahed daily. The Assistant Un... December 17, 2017 571 Category: Kuwait
HH The Amir Expressed His Condemnation Of The Terrorist Attack His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on Friday expressed his condemnation of the terrorist attack on an underground train in southwest London. The denunciation was conveyed in... September 17, 2017 883 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Embassy In UK Issues Alert Amid Spate Of Acid Attacks Kuwait’s embassy in the United Kingdom has called on its citizens to be vigilant in the wake of a terrifying wave of acid attacks, The embassy urged Kuwaiti nationals to stay away from dark and ... August 03, 2017 569 Category: Kuwait
MOI Has Placed Its Forces On State Of Alert The Ministry of Interior has placed its forces on what it called a ‘state of alert’ following reports that an armed ‘group of terrorists’ have escaped from Iraq. According t... July 02, 2017 3734 Category: Kuwait
DAESH groups focused on Kuwait and GCC nations Some Kuwaiti political activists have reacted to a recent security alert issued by the British Foreign Affairs Ministry to her citizens in Kuwait saying security readiness and alert is necessary regar... January 24, 2017 652 Category: Kuwait
Alert Kuwait Residents 48 Degrees C Kuwait Weather Forecast For Today AWARENESS : During hot weather if you feel unwell please carry water with you at all times. One of the major concerns regarding diabetes and hot weather is the risk of blood sugar levels rising o... July 26, 2016 1500 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Weather Alert Freshening north westerly wind Expected , and wind speed may exceeds 60 km/h can possibly cause raising dust and decrease in visibility to less than 1000m specially over open areas. ... July 16, 2016 3130 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Vintage Box Gifted To British Ambassador In Kuwait Sparks Bomb Alert A vintage box gifted to the British ambassador in Kuwait raised security alert. Security guards at the British Consulate became suspicious of the wooden ‘mbayyet’ box and alerted the ... July 06, 2016 1012 Category: Crime News
Security Apparatus In The Country Raises Level Of Alert To All Units Security apparatus in the country raises level of alert to all units due to threats from unknown source.   SOURCE : AYMANMAT (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ... February 10, 2016 1242 Category: Kuwait
Public Schools In Kuwait Have Been Put On Alert After The Discovery Of Four Cases Of The Swine Flu Schools in Kuwait on alert after swine flu discovery of four cases of the swine flu at facilities in the Hawalli and Adeiliya areas, said Minister of Education Dr Bader Al Eisa on Thursday. ... November 20, 2015 2156 Category: Kuwait
Women Creates Panic Among Worshippers Panic was raised in Saoud Al-Rashid Mosque when a woman warned worshippers of Isha prayers to leave after another woman placed a plastic bag inside the mosque, reports Al-Anba daily. According to s... September 20, 2015 1570 Category: Kuwait
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