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Kuwait Has Taken Strict Measures Against Deadly Coronavirus Specially Those Arriving From Asian Countries At KIA Kuwait has taken strict measures against deadly coronavirus specially those arriving from Asian countries at Kuwait International Airport. The General Administration of Civil Aviation continues strict... January 31, 2020 355 Category: Coronavirus
Muslim Women Occupy Streets In India Against Citizenship Law In the Indian capital's Shaheen Bagh neighborhood, beside open sewers and dangerously dangling electricity wires, a group of Muslim women in colorful headscarves sit in resistance to a new citizen... January 26, 2020 276 Category: India
Legal Action Vowed Against Non Compliant Contractors  In light of the failure of the contractors of the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) to implement their contracts according to the schedule and failure to adhe... January 12, 2020 319 Category: Kuwait
MP Al-Tabatabaei Has Submitted An Interpellation Request Against Works Minister MP Omar Al-Tabatabaei has submitted an interpellation request against the Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Housing Affairs Jinan Boushahri. Therefore, the total number of interpel... October 21, 2019 296 Category: Kuwait
Court Has Issued Summons For A State Security Officer Who Is Accused Of Hostile Action Against Egypt The Criminal Court has issued summons for a State Security officer on Oct 28, 2019, to hear his testimony in the second case of ‘Atij al-Messian’ who is accused of hostile action against a... October 09, 2019 281 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Woman Filed A Complaint Against Specialized Medical Center For Causing Damage On Her Face A Kuwaiti woman, who received laser treatment to clean and remove blisters and acne from her face, has filed a complaint with the Salmiya Police Station accusing an unidentified specialized medical ce... September 20, 2019 349 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Woman Filed A Complaint Against A Male Compatriot For Sending Her Love Letters An Egyptian woman filed a complaint against a male compatriot for sending her love letters daily. According to the security source, the man went to the woman’s office in Hawally where he got her... September 20, 2019 324 Category: Crime News
Wife Files False Complain Against Her Husband An unidentified Egyptian woman has been referred for interrogation for filing false charges against her husband, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, the husband severely beat the wife and she pl... September 05, 2019 344 Category: Crime News
MOI Pledges To Step Up Efforts Against The Crime Of Human Trafficking And Has Set Up Various Departments The Interior Ministry underlined its commitment to combating the crime of human trafficking and has set up various departments solely for that goal. The remarks were made in a speech delivered by t... August 01, 2019 221 Category: Crime News
1,100 Cases Have Been Filed Against Fake Twitter Accounts The Cyber Crimes department of the Ministry of Interior has stepped up efforts to identify the owners of imaginary accounts which specialize in stirring up confusion, discord, spread lies and undermin... August 01, 2019 285 Category: Crime News
Arab Woman Filed A Complaint Against Her Husband For Assaulting Her An Arab woman lodged a complaint at the Farwaniya Police Station, accusing her husband of assaulting her and tearing off her passport and air ticket to prevent her from traveling during Eid Al-Adha ho... August 01, 2019 332 Category: Crime News
USD Rises 0.2% Against Kuwaiti Dinar As Compared To 2017 Governor of the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) Dr Mohammad Al- Hasheld announced on Tuesday that average rate of the US dollar against the Kuwaiti dinar in the fiscal year 2018-2019 stood at 302.743 fil... July 31, 2019 598 Category: Business
PAM Has Taken A Decisive Action Against Contracting Companies Related To US Army In Kuwait Are Into ‘human Trafficking’ The Public Authority for Manpower has taken a decisive action against companies which have contracts with the US Army following the discovery of some cases of ‘human trafficking’, reports ... July 26, 2019 333 Category: Kuwait
Campaign Continues Against Bachelors In Family Areas The Kuwait Municipality continues its campaign to deal with bachelors living in family residential areas. So far, the inspectors distributed 428 stickers across the six governorates, issued 102 citati... July 22, 2019 315 Category: Crime News
Court Quashes 3-1/2 Year Imprisonment Against 2 Kuwaitis And A Female Compatriot In Drug Case The Court of Appeals overruled a lower court verdict that sentenced two Kuwaitis and a female compatriot to three years and six months in prison with hard labor. The court instead acquitted them of th... July 09, 2019 235 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Has Filed A Case Against His Ex-wife Accusing Her Of Not Taking Care Of Their Two Teenage Daughters A Kuwaiti has filed a case against his ex-wife accusing her of not taking care of their two teenage daughters, because the guardianship of the girls is given to the mother by a court order, reports Al... July 05, 2019 266 Category: Crime News
Philippine Embassy Has Filed A Case Against A Kuwaiti Man Accusing Him Of Sexually Assaulting His Domestic Worker The Philippine Embassy through its lawyer has filed a case against a Kuwaiti man accusing him of sexually assaulting his domestic worker, reports Al-Rai daily. According to the case papers, the sus... June 19, 2019 912 Category: Crime News
80 Absconding Reports Are Filed On A Daily Basis In Kuwait Against Marginal Workers Head of Freedom Organization for Human Rights Dr Abdulrahman Mohammad stressed the need to increase awareness about the rights of laborers and the labor law in order to curb the phenomenon of visa tra... June 14, 2019 410 Category: Kuwait
Hawally Municipality Issued Citations Against Hawkers Head of the Emergency Team of Hawally Municipality Ahmad Ramadan says the achievements of his team during the month of April included lifting of 108 violations related to encroachment on state propert... May 24, 2019 377 Category: Crime News
Soheil Was Sentenced To Death For His Facebook Post Against Prophet Muhammad Soheil Arabi, a thirty-year-old man was sentenced to death by Iran's Supreme Court in crime for his Facebook posts that were linked to his profile. These posts were deemed to insult The Holy Proph... May 18, 2019 4031 Category: International
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