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Livestock Markets Are Affected By The Ban On Social Events The cabinet’s decision to ban all social events and the recent decision of the Ministry of Trade to ban the import of sheep and goats for three months has negatively impacted the livestock marke... February 14, 2021 260 Category: Kuwait
The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Warns Citizens: Do Not Travel To Countries Affected By Corona For The Sake Of Tourism Diplomatic sources confirmed to "Al-Qabas" that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will issue a warning to citizens, asking them not to travel to some European countries, including Turkey, due ... November 07, 2020 2116 Category: Travel
Maids Offices Badly Affected By COVID-19 Crisis Domestic labor offices are among the establishments that are most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as they are suffering from heavy losses due to the negative repercussions of the pandemic, reports ... October 20, 2020 395 Category: Coronavirus
Employee Rights, Workers’ Compensation Will Not Be Affected While reassuring that the government is not keen to ‘hurt’ the pocket of the citizen in any way and under any circumstances, Finance Minister Barak Al-Shaitan stressed that the economic pr... July 16, 2020 774 Category: Kuwait
National Holidays In Kuwait Affected By Coronavirus In some way or another, even the national holidays in Kuwait are affected by the outbreak of coronavirus because most of the decorations and accessories usually come from China, reports Al-Qabas daily... February 19, 2020 792 Category: Coronavirus
Kuwait Sales & Markets Affected By Corona Virus Infection Fears The repercussions of the emerging corona virus have exceeded the concerns of Kuwaitis and residents in Kuwait about the transmission of the virus infection to their fears of a shortage of some food pr... February 18, 2020 1393 Category: Coronavirus
11,000 Certificates Of Engineers Rejected Head of the Federation of Arab Engineers and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kuwait Society of Engineers Faisal Al-Atel affirmed that the society rejected about 11,000 unaccredited certificates ... January 22, 2020 534 Category: Kuwait
IATA Working Closely With Kuwait Travel Agencies Affected By Its Withdrawal Of Their Product And Coverage IATA is working closely with the Kuwait Travel and Tourism Agencies Association and directly with the agencies affected by the local Insurance service providers (3rd party) withdrawal of their product... August 25, 2019 332 Category: Kuwait
Kerala Rain Death Toll Touches 23, Flights Affected As Cochin International Airport Shuts Operations 23 people have so far been killed following heavy rains and landslides in different parts of Kerala. Train, road and air travel in the state have been affected with one of the major airports in the st... August 09, 2019 446 Category: India
Delay Affected Infrastructure Of 18519 Plots In Mutla'a Residential City Project The Public Authority for Housing Welfare said the rate of delay caused by the Chinese contractor to implement the second contract in the Mutla’a residential city has affected the infrastructure ... March 05, 2019 371 Category: Business
Kuwaitis Affected By Realty Fraud Case Of Istanbul Tower Project Urged To File Financial Claims Kuwaiti citizens affected by an Istanbul tower project real estate fraud case are urged to file their financial claims within two working days in order to preserve their rights, said the foreign minis... January 18, 2019 369 Category: Kuwait
Cabinet Discusses Compensation For People Affected By Rainfall The Cabinet discussed Monday a report about compensations for people whose properties were damaged by heavy rainfall in the country. Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Minister of State for Economi... December 18, 2018 347 Category: Kuwait
Compensation Likely For Flood-affected Those affected by heavy rain will be compensated, His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah affirmed on Thursday. His Highness’ remark came during a meeting held,... November 16, 2018 1037 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaitis Affected By Rain Will Be Compensated National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanim praised on Thursday all state personnel who helped in dealing with repercussions of the latest bout of torrential rainfalls, assuring citizens that they... November 16, 2018 1445 Category: Kuwait
130 Foreign Workers Affected By Food Poisoning Public hospitals received on Sunday 130 foreign workers with symptoms of suspected food poisoning, the Ministry of Health (MoH) announced. The admitted expatriates work for a company executing a go... November 12, 2018 427 Category: Crime News
KRCS Volunteers Helping Those Affected By Heavy Rains, Floods Chairman of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) Dr Hilal Al- Sayer stressed the importance of volunteers’ efforts in providing assistance to citizens and residents affected by the prevailing ... November 11, 2018 372 Category: Kuwait
Technical Failure Affected K-Net Service Technical failure caused a disruption in the K-net services of the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) and Boubyan Bank on last Friday. In a statement, CEO of the Joint Automatic Banking Services Co (K-n... May 07, 2018 1287 Category: Information
Kuwait Was Under Earthquake Attack The Kuwait National Seismic Network said that the country was slightly affected by the M-5.9 tremor that hit southern Iran earlier Thursday. The aftershock of the quake was felt at 09:45 local time... April 20, 2018 6468 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Is Currently Affected By The Seasonal Sudan Depression Kuwait is currently affected by the seasonal Sudan depression, accompanied by relative humid air, which might lead to increasing clouds in the coming days and scattered rain, said Abdul Aziz Al-Qarawi... April 05, 2018 527 Category: Kuwait
Students Affected By Physical Violence  A number of schools continue to witness incidents involving violence, despite the decisions taken by Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Hamid Al-Azmi to confront violence in schools b... March 26, 2018 609 Category: Crime News
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