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Ambulances Fraud Case Adjourned The Criminal Court adjourned to Feb 9, 2020 the lawsuit filed by Kuwait Anti- Corruption Authority (Nazaha) concerning the violations in terms of a tender for supplying ambulances to Ministry of Healt... December 23, 2019 332 Category: Crime News
‘Shuwaikh Brawl’ Case Hearing Adjourned To Dec 4   The Court of Appeals presided over by Judge Nasser Salem Al Heed Thursday adjourned to December 4 the case known as “Shuwaikh brawl” filed against a Kuwaiti citizen who is accuse... November 29, 2019 235 Category: Crime News
Real Estate Fraud And Money Laundering Case Adjourned To Nov 9 The Criminal Court adjourned until Nov 9, the case involving a former MP and 5 others accused of real estate fraud and money laundering by their victims. The plaintiffs are represented by attorney ... October 13, 2019 268 Category: Crime News
MoI Hospitality Case Adjourned To October 6 The Misdemeanor Court chaired by Judge Mut’eb Al-Ardhi has adjourned Ministry of Interior’s hospitality case to Oct 6, while the court rejected the bail application for the suspects, which... September 30, 2019 254 Category: Crime News
Case Against Terror Cell Supporters Adjourned The Court of Appeals adjourned to March 31 the case filed against those who are accused of sheltering 13 convicts in the Abdali Cell case from the police. The case has been adjourned in order to notif... March 12, 2019 235 Category: Crime News
Case Against A Twitter User Adjourned The Criminal Court adjourned to March 19 the case filed against a Twitter user Abdullah Al-Hadlaq who is being accused of insulting Imam Ali bin Abi Talib. During the court session, Lawyer Ali Al-Ali ... March 07, 2019 282 Category: Crime News
Gulf Bank Robbery Case Adjourned To Oct 28 The Criminal Court adjourned until Oct 28, 2018 the session on the Gulf Bank armed robbery case involving a Jordanian. The Jordanian had earlier denied all the charges pressed against him. Case fil... October 15, 2018 418 Category: Crime News
Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim Adjourned Special Session For Discussing National Unity And Reconciliation National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim adjourned Sunday the special session for discussing national unity and reconciliation due to lack of quorum and absence of the government. Earlier, members ... December 11, 2017 701 Category: Kuwait
Court Adjourned Until Nov 16 On Lawsuit Filed Against 14 Individuals Who Involved In Abdali Cell Case The Criminal Court adjourned until Nov 16, 2017 the session on a lawsuit filed against 14 individuals for sheltering their relatives who were involved in the Abdali Cell case. They are also charged wi... October 27, 2017 742 Category: Crime News
State Security Case Filed Against Lawyer Hani Hussain Was Adjourned To September 25th The Criminal Court adjourned to September 25 the State Security case filed against Lawyer Hani Hussain who was accused for joining the Lebanese Hezbollah. The session was adjourned to summon an office... August 29, 2017 596 Category: Crime News
Court Adjourned Issue Of Lawyer Hani Hussein For Spreading False News About Doctor The Criminal Court adjourned to Sept 17 the issue of Lawyer Hani Hussein who’s standing trial on allegations of spreading false news about a Bangladeshi doctor. The court dismissed a request to ... August 20, 2017 829 Category: Crime News
National Security Case Was Adjourned To August 17   The Misdemeanor Court looking into the national security case against Lawyer Hani Hussein has set August 17 to continue hearing on the allegation of spreading false information in the public... August 11, 2017 468 Category: Crime News
Case Adjourned To Aug 13 Filed Against Dr Othman Al-Khamees On Allegations Of Offending The Shiite Doctrine The Criminal Court Sunday adjourned to Aug 13 the State Security case filed against Dr Othman Al-Khamees on allegations of offending the Shiite doctrine. Representing the plaintiff is Lawyer Jaleel Al... August 07, 2017 533 Category: Crime News
State Security Case Adjourned To Aug 3rd Filed Against Lawyer Hani Hussein The Misdemeanor Court has fixed the session of August 3 for the hearing of the State Security case filed against Lawyer Hani Hussein over the alleged spread of false information concerning the case of... July 26, 2017 374 Category: Crime News
Case Adjourned To September 11 Filed Against 70 Kuwaitis Who Were Accused Of Storming The National Assembly Building The Court of Appeals presided over by Judge Al- Durai adjourned to September 11 the case filed against 70 Kuwaitis, including nine former lawmakers, who were accused of storming the National Assembly ... July 18, 2017 566 Category: Crime News
Court Adjourned To June 19 The Case Filed Against 13 Kuwaiti Citizens The Misdemeanor Court has adjourned to June 19 the case filed against 13 Kuwaiti citizens and two Asians for hiding former MP Musallam Al-Barrak in order to prevent securitymen from arresting him. Gen... May 02, 2017 502 Category: Crime News
Murder Case Adjourned To May 14th The Criminal Court adjourned to May 14 the final proceedings of the State Security case filed against a Kuwaiti citizen who was accused of running over and killing a police officer and injuring others... May 01, 2017 546 Category: Crime News
Court Adjourned Drug Case To May 4th 2017 The Misdemeanor Court summoned the prosecution officer in a controversial case involving an artiste and an expatriate accused of money laundering and smuggling a large quantity of drugs. Deliberation ... May 01, 2017 764 Category: Crime News
Court Adjourned Fintas Group Case To May 15th Several important rulings were issued by various courts on Monday, April 24. The Court of Cassation adjourned to May 15 the issuance of its verdict on the case filed against the so-called “Finta... April 25, 2017 779 Category: Crime News
Court Has Adjourned To April 23 Decision To Increase The Fuel Prices The Court of Appeals has adjourned to April 23 the issuance of its verdict on the appeal filed by the government against the verdict of a lower court which had canceled the government’s decision... April 20, 2017 815 Category: Kuwait
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