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75 People Died Of Drug Overdose In Kuwait Seventy-five people have died of drug overdose in Kuwait over the past ten months of this year (2019). The list of drug overdose victims between January and October included 35 Kuwaitis and 40 expa... November 03, 2019 1582 Category: Crime News
About 75% Of The Drug Addicts In Kuwait Are Under The Age Of 28 About seventy-five percent of the drug addicts in Kuwait are under the age of 28, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting informed sources. The daily quoting sources said 220 of these addicts are currently bei... April 21, 2019 267 Category: Crime News
Social Media Addicts Suffer From Bad Decision-making According to a new study, social media users suffer from the same problem of bad decision-making like drug addicts and gamblers, reports Al-Qabas daily. Researchers of Michigan State University (MS... January 27, 2019 332 Category: Kuwait
Police Have Arrested Two Young Kuwaitis For Possessing And Consuming Drugs Police have arrested two young Kuwaitis, one of them a member of the ruling family, for possessing and consuming drugs, reports Al-Rai daily. According to the daily, the ‘addicts’ were fas... January 28, 2018 515 Category: Crime News
Cops Have Arrested Two Drugs Addicts And Seized 17 Drug Pills From Them The Ahmadi police have arrested two drugs addicts and seized from them 17 drug pills. The daily added the men were arrested in Riqqa for violating a traffic law and while issuing citation the offic... May 31, 2017 452 Category: Crime News
25 Drug Addicts Died Of Drug Overdose Twenty-five Kuwaiti and expatriate drug addicts have died of drug overdose over the past eight months. A source revealed that the striking majority of drug-related deaths that were reported were th... September 25, 2016 877 Category: Crime News
70,000 Drug Addicts In Kuwait Head of the Kuwait Pharmaceutical Association pharmacist Hani Zachariah was recently quoted as saying there are approximately 70,000 drug addicts in Kuwait. Which means, Zachariah affirmed, roughly... September 19, 2016 1023 Category: Crime News
2 Unidentified Drug Addicts Arrested The Farwaniya police have arrested two unidentified drug addicts for possessing and consuming drugs. The men were caught during a roaming police patrol. The men were arrested on suspicion and after th... July 02, 2016 990 Category: Crime News
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