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Court Acquitted A Rent Collector Who Was Accused Of Embezzling Rent Proceeds Worth KD 45,000 The Misdemeanor Court acquitted a rent collector who was accused of embezzling rent proceeds worth KD 45,000 for buildings owned by a businessman. The Public Prosecution had accused the man of expropr... January 10, 2017 857 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Court Acquitted Manager The Misdemeanor Court acquitted the manager and an employee of a travel and tourism agency forging flight tickets ascribed to an international airline company. Lawyer for the accused, Attorney Ali Al-... December 30, 2016 983 Category: Crime News
Criminal Court Acquitted Vice Principal Who Was Accused In Taking Bribe From Parent The Criminal Court acquitted the vice principal of a high school who was accused of receiving bribe from a parent to help his son pass the exams. According to the case file, the Public Prosecution acc... December 24, 2016 665 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted A Kuwaiti Woman Who Was Accused Of Changing The Date Of A Cheque The Misdemeanor Court acquitted a Kuwaiti woman who was accused of changing the date of a cheque issued to her by a businessperson. According to the case files, the woman was issued a cheque of KD 5,0... December 22, 2016 617 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Acquitted Of Forging School Certificate Issued From Saudi Arabia The Court of Appeals has acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen, who was accused of forging his high school certificate issued from Saudi Arabia, and it ruled that the certificates are valid. The Public Prosecut... December 21, 2016 678 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted GM Of A Commercial Company Who Was Accused In Forging Invitation The Misdemeanor Court upheld the verdict of the Court of First Instance that acquitted a general manager of a commercial company of forging proceedings of an invitation to attend the general assembly ... December 20, 2016 725 Category: Crime News
Criminal Court Acquitted 10 Indians Who Were Accused In Death Of An Egyptian Ten Indians who were sentenced to various jail terms by the Criminal Court, following the death of an Egyptian during a brawl at the Camels Market in Kabad, have been released by the Court of Appeals ... December 16, 2016 1028 Category: Crime News
Misdemeanor Court Acquitted A Citizen Who Was Accused In Stolen Car Incident The Misdemeanor Court acquitted a citizen of giving false testimony under oath that his sister stole a car in front of their house. Court files indicate the accused gave false testimony when his broth... December 16, 2016 608 Category: Crime News
Court Acquits US Citizen The Court of Appeals presided over by Justice Hani Al-Hamdan overturned the lower court’s verdict that sentenced a United States citizen to four years and four months imprisonment on charges of ... December 10, 2016 836 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted A Man For Fight Over Parking Space In A Public Park The Juvenile Misdemeanor Section at the Court of First Instance acquitted a minor of hitting a Kuwaiti man with a cleaver and running over him that caused permanent disability when they fought over a ... December 09, 2016 839 Category: Kuwait
Criminal Court Acquitted An Expat Who Was Accused Of Attempting To Smuggle 16,000 Narcotic Pills The Criminal Court acquitted an expatriate who was accused of attempting to smuggle 16,000 narcotic pills with intention of selling them in the country. According to the case file, the suspect came... December 08, 2016 747 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted Kuwaiti Ambassador And Ordered Him To Return The Embezzled Amount KD 299,000 The Court of Appeals acquitted a Kuwaiti ambassador after overturning the verdict of the First Instance Court which sentenced him to seven years in prison with hard labor for embezzling public funds a... December 06, 2016 1464 Category: Crime News
Criminal Court Sentenced An Expat To 10 Years In Jail With Hard Labor The Court of Appeals overturned the ruling of the Criminal Court which sentenced an expatriate to 10 years in jail with hard labor, so the expatriate was acquitted of possessing hashish and brain stim... December 04, 2016 988 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted A Married Man And A Divorced Woman Who Were Accused Of Being Involved In An Adulterous Affair The Criminal Court acquitted a married Kuwaiti man and a divorced Kuwaiti woman, who were accused of being involved in an adulterous affair. The Public Prosecution accused the married Kuwaiti man of c... November 30, 2016 969 Category: Crime News
The Criminal Court Acquitted A Kuwaiti Citizen And Sentenced The First Defendant To Two Year Imprisonment With Hard Labor he Criminal Court acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen (the second defendant) who was accused of hitting another citizen (the first defendant). The court sentenced the first defendant to twoyear imprisonment w... November 22, 2016 667 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted 20 Year Old Citizen For Robbing Girlfriend The Criminal Court acquitted a citizen, in his 20s, of robbing and assaulting his girlfriend. Case files state the Public Prosecution charged the citizen with using force when he robbed the victim. He... October 21, 2016 969 Category: Crime News
Man On Life Term In Rape Of Kid Acquitted The Court of Appeals overturned life sentence passed on an Arab expatriate for molesting a minor, and acquitted him of all charges against him. Case files indicated the Public Prosecution charged the ... September 08, 2016 1681 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted A Citizen For Stealing Restaurant And Cafe Items The Misdemeanor Court, presided over by Judge Muhammad Al-Mutairi, acquitted a citizen of stealing restaurant and café items as well as betrayal of trust in his capacity as the person in charge... June 28, 2016 1272 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted A Citizen Of Carrying Hashish, Other Spurious Drugs The Criminal Court presided over by Judge Muteeb Al-Ardhi acquitted a citizen of possessing hashish and other illicit drugs for the purpose of consumption, and driving under the influence of narcotics... June 23, 2016 988 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Court Acquitted A Student The Court of Appeals, headed by Judge Salah Al-Houti, acquitted a university student of joining the banned terrorist organization Jabhat Al-Nusrah. The higher court cancelled the ruling of a lower cou... May 31, 2016 1002 Category: Crime News
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