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Nepalese Maid Accused Of Stealing KD 2000 A Bedoon man has filed a case with Romaithiya police station accusing his Nepalese maid of stealing KD 2000 from the house, further investigations are in progress.   SOURCE : AYMANMAT ... March 02, 2017 1781 Category: Crime News
Police Arrested A Kuwaiti And Syrian Who Escaped From Riqqa Police Station Officers from the Criminal Security Department in the Interior Ministry arrested a Kuwaiti and a Syrian who escaped from Riqqa Police Station. A security source revealed the Kuwaiti was detained at... March 01, 2017 433 Category: Crime News
Asian Nurse Manipulated And Forged Blood Testing Samples - Arrested Officers from the Search and Investigation Section at the Residency Investigations General Department in the Interior Ministry arrested an Asian nurse who manipulated and forged blood testing samples.... March 01, 2017 644 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted An Egyptian Minor Accused Of Raping His Friend The Criminal Circuit of the Court of First Instance acquitted an Egyptian minor who was accused of raping his Egyptian friend (a male) with the help of another friend after deceiving the victim by con... February 21, 2017 1144 Category: Crime News
Members Of Kuwait Parliament Took Money In Exchange For Votes,says Opposition Lawmaker An opposition lawmaker on Wednesday accused more than a dozen former and current members of Kuwait's parliament of accepting millions of dollars from the government in exchange for votes.During te... February 16, 2017 625 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Accused Of Cheating Srilankan Maid By Not Paying 90 Percent Of Salary The Labor Attaché of the Sri Lankan Embassy in Kuwait who was accused of cheating his maid by not paying her 90 percent of her salary for 11 years, is said to have voluntarily ended the problem... February 16, 2017 685 Category: Crime News
A Kuwaiti Girl Accused A Kuwaiti Man Of Raping Her In Salmiya Area A Kuwaiti girl accused a Kuwaiti man of raping her after persuading her to accompany him to a flat in Salmiya area. According to security sources, the victim went to Salmiya Police Station and filed a... February 14, 2017 2096 Category: Crime News
Woman Accused Her Driver Of Stealing Some Items From The Safety Deposit Box A Kuwaiti woman accused her driver, an Asian, of stealing some cash, gold rings and other pieces of jewelry from the safety deposit box in her house in Salmiya, says Al-Seyassah. The woman told police... February 09, 2017 623 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted A Kuwaiti Citizen Who Was Accused Of Possessing Hashish And Two Types Of Illicit Drugs The Penal Circuit at the Court of Appeals acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen who was accused of possessing hashish and two types of illicit drugs methamphetamine and Chlonaziban – for consumption and s... February 07, 2017 541 Category: Crime News
Filipino Worker On Death Row Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III expressed hope the government could still save the life of another Filipino worker on death row in Kuwait who was convicted for killing a fellow overseas worker.Thi... February 06, 2017 1540 Category: Crime News
Criminal Court Sentenced Death Against Kuwaiti Who Accused Of Murdering His Wife By Burning The Criminal Court issued a death sentence against a Kuwaiti citizen who is accused of murdering his wife by burning her in Mina Abdullah area. According to the case file, when the Operation Room of M... February 06, 2017 658 Category: Crime News
Filipino Maid Accused Of Stealing Cash, Gold Stolen During Break In A Female Citizen has filed a case with the Police Station accusing her Filipino maid of stealing KD300, In her complaint the woman said the maid escaped with the money to unknown place, Meanwhile, Pol... February 04, 2017 2152 Category: Crime News
Investigation Department Looking For Unidentified Person For Impersonating Police And Stealing Personnel from the Search and Investigation Department are looking for unidentified person for impersonating police and stealing KD 1,150 from an Egyptian, reports Al-Anba daily. The Egyptian guard, b... February 01, 2017 548 Category: Crime News
Lebanese man was Accused of assaulting a Syrian Woman A Syrian woman has filed a complaint with a Lebanese man accusing him of assaulting her in front of her neighbors, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, the suspect and the victim live in the same... January 25, 2017 619 Category: Crime News
Court Of Appeals Sentenced An Egyptian To Prison For Possession Of Drugs The Court of Appeals overturned the ruling of the First Instance Court that sentenced an Egyptian to five years in prison with hard labor for the possession of an undisclosed quantity of Amphetamine, ... January 17, 2017 1735 Category: Automotive
Court Acquits Prisoner Who Was Accused Of Attempting To Take 251 Kg Of Hashish Into The Prison The Criminal Court presided over by Judge Waleed Al-Kandari acquitted an inmate of the Central Jail who was accused of attempting to take 251 kg of hashish into the prison. According to the prosecutio... January 12, 2017 822 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted A Rent Collector Who Was Accused Of Embezzling Rent Proceeds Worth KD 45,000 The Misdemeanor Court acquitted a rent collector who was accused of embezzling rent proceeds worth KD 45,000 for buildings owned by a businessman. The Public Prosecution had accused the man of expropr... January 10, 2017 851 Category: Crime News
Court Sentensed 4 Years Imprisonment To The Citizen Who Was Accused In Possessing Drugs The Court of Appeals presided over by Judge Hani Al-Hamdan overturned the verdict issued by the Criminal Court which sentenced a Kuwaiti citizen to fouryear imprisonment with hard labor. The court ins... January 10, 2017 662 Category: Crime News
Criminal Court Cancelled Life Imprisonment Against A Suspect Accused Of Kidnapping The Criminal Court cancelled life imprisonment verdict issued in absentia against a suspect accused of kidnapping, and acquitted him of all charges. The Public Prosecution charged the suspect of kidna... December 27, 2016 868 Category: Crime News
Criminal Court Acquitted Vice Principal Who Was Accused In Taking Bribe From Parent The Criminal Court acquitted the vice principal of a high school who was accused of receiving bribe from a parent to help his son pass the exams. According to the case file, the Public Prosecution acc... December 24, 2016 665 Category: Crime News
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