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Filing Absenteeism Complaints Against Employees During Lockdown Period Not Permitted In order to preserve rights of private sector workers and to protect them from abuse, Public Authority of Manpower (PAM) disallowed filing of complaints by the business owners and companies against th... July 07, 2020 2692 Category: Legal
MOE Has Generated Nearly KD5,483,367 Through Penalties Imposed On Absentees Ministry of Education over the past four years has generated nearly KD5,483,367 through penalties imposed on absentees, especially employees exceeding the permissible period of absence in violation of... May 08, 2019 320 Category: Kuwait
Audit Finds Misappropriation Of Funds – More Then KD 120,000 Paid For Absentees After the State Audit Bureau found out that the Ministry of Education wrongly paid a large amount to certain staff on study leaves and missions, the bureau discovered payment of salaries– more t... October 21, 2018 686 Category: Kuwait
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