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Detectives Hunt Asian Maid Who Stole Jewelry From Kuwaiti Sponsor A Kuwaiti citizen registered a case at Hawally police station against his Asian maid accusing her of escaping from his house. In his report he stated that the maid stole gold jewelry worth more than t... September 21, 2021 418 Category: Crime News
Union ‘warns’ About Some Licensed Maids Hire Offices Sub-let To Asians  Kuwait Union of Domestic Labor Offices Chairman Khaled Al-Dakhnan has warned about some licensed domestic labor offices sub-contracted to Asians, revealing “these Asians usually incite dom... August 17, 2021 266 Category: Kuwait
Employers File 9305 Absconding Reports Against Expats Via E-service Director of Public Relations Department of Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) and PAM spokesperson Asil Al-Meziad says the number of absconding reports filed by employers via the e-service is 9,305, ... October 26, 2018 333 Category: Kuwait
PAM Receives 12,800 Absconding Cases Director of Labor Relations at Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) Abdullah Al-Marri revealed that the department has, since the beginning of 2018, received about 12,800 absconding reports that were f... August 08, 2018 416 Category: Kuwait
Employers Can File Absconding Case Through ‘As’hal’ Portal Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) disclosed that the Labor Relations Department has adopted an online method for filing absconding reports through the “As’hal” (Easy) portal for co... July 27, 2018 630 Category: Kuwait
Palestinian Expat Filed Case Against An Indian Expat Who Was Missing With Cheque A Palestinian expatriate filed a case against an Indian expatriate who cashed a cheque worth KD 19,000 and disappeared, says Al-Seyassah. He explained to securitymen that he runs a food company and... March 27, 2018 550 Category: Crime News
Amnesty Period For Residency Law Violators Will End On April 22 Major General Marafie affirmed that the amnesty period for residency law violators will end on April 22, and there are no plans to extend it. He indicated that around 45,000 expatriates benefited from... March 23, 2018 516 Category: Kuwait
Al-Marri Announced The Launch Of A New Mechanism To Register Absconding Cases Director of Public Relations Department at Public Authority for Manpower Abdullah Al-Marri announced the launch of a new mechanism to register absconding cases in specified phases within 60 days inste... February 21, 2018 532 Category: Kuwait
System Soon To Streamline Solving Workforce Issues - Experienced Workers Eyed Deputy Director General of Public Authority for Manpower Abdullah Al-Mutawtah affirmed the lack of issues that the diplomatic missions in Kuwait discussed with the authority, as they are in continuous... February 07, 2018 533 Category: Kuwait
Illegal Maids Office Raided Personnel from the General Department for Nationality and Passports, headed by Major-General Sheikh Mazen Al-Jarrah, recently raided an apartment that was used by some people to shelter absconding dom... January 30, 2018 734 Category: Crime News
Bangladeshi Expat Was Arrested For Offering Domestic Workers As Home Nurses A Bangladeshi expatriate was arrested for offering domestic workers as home nurses to several Kuwaiti citizens at a monthly rate of KD 600 per month for each nurse, reports Al- Seyassah daily. In a... January 30, 2018 589 Category: Crime News
Officers Discovered 25 Closed And Fake Companies With 203 Expats Under Their Sponsorship Officers from General Department for Residency Investigations discovered 25 closed and fake companies with 203 expatriates under their sponsorship, reports Al-Seyassah daily. The General Department... January 12, 2018 605 Category: Crime News
Officers Arrested An Arab Man For Bringing Beggars Into The Country Officers from the Residency Security General Department at the Interior Ministry arrested an Arab man for bringing beggars into the country. Acting on a tip-off that the suspect is getting visit visas... December 29, 2017 737 Category: Crime News
No.of Individuals Of Different Nationalities Were Arrested For Gambling And Consuming Liquor The department revealed that a number of individuals of different nationalities were arrested from a house after they were caught gambling and consuming liquor. The house was placed under surveilla... November 27, 2017 719 Category: Crime News
Twentytwo Expatriates Have Been Arrested During Security Campaigns Twentytwo expatriates have been arrested by the police from the Capital Security Directorate during security campaigns, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, some of those arrested are hawkers and ot... November 16, 2017 1278 Category: Crime News
Inspection Campaigns Conducted And Arrested 150 Individuals Who Were In Criminal Activities Intensive inspection campaigns conducted in various governorates in the last 48 hours resulted in the arrest of 150 individuals in civil, financial and criminal cases including trading in drugs and al... November 10, 2017 792 Category: Crime News
Several Arrested In Security Campaign The MOI security directorate launched a campaign in the six governorates that resulted in the arrest of 16 people involved in civil and criminal cases and absconding by their sponsors, 39 who did not ... November 02, 2017 866 Category: Crime News
Mystery Surrounding Two Absconding Cases Solved By Women Fingerprint identification conducted on two Kuwaiti women by security operatives helped in solving mystery surrounding two absconding cases dating back to 2012 and early 2016 respectively, reports Al ... October 27, 2017 740 Category: Crime News
Absconding Maids Working In Shisha Cafes The phenomenon of runaway and absconding maids in pursuit of attractive salary packages in mixed-gender sheesha cafés has become rampant in the country even though the owners of these caf&eacut... October 15, 2017 662 Category: Crime News
Officers Arrested 2 Expats For Running Unlicensed Domestic Labor Office And Immoral Activities General Department of Residency Investigations, represented by the Department for Follow up of Residency Violators, arrested an Arab expatriate and an Asian expatriate for running an unlicensed domest... October 03, 2017 704 Category: Crime News
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