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Maximum Salary Limit Should Not Exceed KD 5,000 - CSC Official sources from Parliament’s Budget and Final Account Committee affirmed the importance of determining a maximum limit for salaries in the public sector through either a strategic alternat... November 29, 2019 1325 Category: Kuwait
Unidentified Police Officer Arrested For Robbing KD 23,000 From An Indian Contractor Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department have arrested an unidentified police officer who used his position and the service pistol to break into the apartment of an Indian contractor and ... October 22, 2019 566 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Gets 10 Years Jail With Hard Labor For Issuing Dud Check Worth KD 240,000 The Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Abdullah Al-Othman, has sentenced a Kuwaiti to 10 years imprisonment with hard labor for issuing a dud check worth KD 240,000 and escaping to Saudi Arabia via A... June 11, 2019 862 Category: Crime News
Nearly 16,000 Job Opportunities For Kuwaiti Job-seekers Kuwait City: Insurance companies, insurance brokers, companies practising real estate brokerage, real estate offices dealing with gold and precious metals and money exchange companies have been ordere... May 14, 2019 348 Category: Kuwait
PAM Recovers KD123,000 From Domestic Workers Recruitment Bureaus Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has recovered about KD123,000 thousand from domestic workers recruitment bureaus in favor of citizens and expatriates who filed several complaints against the offic... May 12, 2019 236 Category: Kuwait
Family Court Orders Wife To Return KD 5,000 Dowry The family Court of Appeal ordered a wife to refund the complete dowry of five thousand dinars paid by her exhusband and forfeited all financial rights associated with divorce after granting request f... May 12, 2019 446 Category: Crime News
Hajj Caravans Prices Start From KD 1,700 And Go Up To KD 2,000 And More Head of Kuwait Hajj Caravans Union Ahmad Al-Duwaihi declared that the average Hajj prices this year is KD 1,950, reports Al- Anba daily. He indicated that the prices of Hajj caravans start from KD ... May 02, 2019 263 Category: Kuwait
120,000 Expats Staying In The Country Illegally About 120,000 expatriates are believed to be staying in the country illegally and according to the Ministry of Interior, efforts are underway to reduce their numbers, reports Al-Anba daily.   ... April 29, 2019 220 Category: Crime News
Indian Man Caught On Airport With KD 23,000 Airport authorities have arrested an Indian man with KD 23,000 who attempted to travel on a passport which belonged to someone else.   The culprit had stolen money from his sponsor which th... April 28, 2019 646 Category: Crime News
CID Department Have Arrested An Arab Man Who Had Embezzled KD 300,000 Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department have arrested an Arab man who had embezzled KD 300,000 from a company which had given him mandate to lease and collect rents from lessees, reports... April 08, 2019 247 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Female Staff In Dollar 875,000 Embezzlement Suit The Criminal Court presided over by Judge Mohammad Ghazi has sentenced a former Kuwaiti employee of the Accounts Division of Kuwaiti Health Office in Washington to seven-year imprisonment, ordered her... February 19, 2019 309 Category: Crime News
Disposal Of Medical Waste Project To Cost KD 658,000 The Ministry of Health has obtained the approval of the Central Tenders Committee (CTC) for the operation, maintenance and management of incinerators in Shuaiba for medical waste. The issue has bee... February 07, 2019 563 Category: Health
Over 20,000 Migrant Workers Live On The Abdali Farms The more than 20,000 migrant workers who live on the Abdali farms and use the area as recreation places some of which have been turned into parks and housing units and rented to the public, has led to... January 11, 2019 726 Category: Kuwait
4,000 People Convert To Islam Director of Electronic Da’awah Committee at Al-Najat Charity Society Abdullah Al-Dosari announced 4,000 people from over 97 countries around the world have converted to Islam through the dialogu... January 04, 2019 933 Category: Kuwait
Contractor Steals KD 950,000 And Runs A Lebanese man has filed a complaint with the Jahra Police Station accusing the contractor of his company stealing KD 950,000, reports Al-Shahed daily. He told the police the theft was discovered afte... December 05, 2018 803 Category: Crime News
More Than 5,000 Filipinos Enter Kuwait Each Month Head of Domestic Labor Offices Union Khalid Al-Dakhnan revealed that more than 5,000 Filipino workers are entering Kuwait on a monthly basis, reports Al-Rai daily. He affirmed that there is no dela... November 25, 2018 582 Category: Filipinos
Photo Of Kuwait Stock Exchange Up For Auction At $850,000 A photo of the Kuwait Stock Exchange taken in 2007 by famous German photographer Andreas Gursky was priced at $850,000 before it was displayed in New York to be auctioned on November 15, 2018, accordi... November 13, 2018 879 Category: Business
Ministry To Pay Complainants Bonus – KD 300,000 Set Aside Ministry of Education has set aside KD300,000 remaining from the sum allocated for the payment of annual excellent duty bonus to settle employees who submitted complaints over the bonus and those who ... October 30, 2018 552 Category: Kuwait
2 Filipino Expats Swindled One For KD 2,527 And Another For KD 9,000 Via Hoax Calls  A Filipino expatriate says an unknown individual swindled him of KD 2,527 via a hoax call claiming he won KD 20,000, says Al-Seyassah. According to security sources, the victim, who is an emp... October 26, 2018 446 Category: Crime News
Syrian Truck Driver Arrested For Attempting To Smuggle 377,000 Captagon Pills A Syrian truck driver was arrested for attempting to smuggle 377,000 Captagon pills into the country by hiding them in his heavy vehicle. In a press statement, Director General of General Customs Admi... July 23, 2018 947 Category: Crime News
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