Suspected ISIS Supporter Threatens To Blow Up Police Office
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An unidentified person is said to have called Jahra police station and threatened to bomb the place and kill Interior Ministry employees if the authorities decline to release suspected terrorist Abu Nassar.

A security source said the caller also threatened to hit some places in the country with explosives as witnessed in Saudi Arabia recently. He pledged allegiance to Daesh, saying the slaughtering of Interior Ministry personnel will take members of the extremist group closer to the Almighty.

Asked about the identity of the socalled Abu Nassar, the caller told the policeman who received the phone call that Ministry of Interior knows him. The caller also said he’s waiting for orders from his superiors to blow himself up with explosive belt. He accused the Interior Ministry of serving as spies to the US and other countries in Europe before hanging up the phone.



06 Jul, 2016 0 5952
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