Summer Airport Passengers Increase By 15%

30 September 2023 Travel

It was reported by Al-Qabas daily that the Acting Director General of the Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) Emad Al-Jalawi that there was an increase in passengers at the airport compared to last year, which indicates that an operational plan has been prepared based on the increasing number of passengers and the operational density of airlines.

"Despite delays in some flights and the expiration of some contracts with companies implementing some logistical work during the summer, we were able to resolve most of these problems within a short time period," he added. We approached some airline companies as well as regulatory authorities to renew and offer some contracts for the airport."

According to Al-Jalawi, about 4.365 million passengers boarded 37,487 flights during the months of June, July, and August. On 12,200 flights, 1.341 million passengers arrived and left in June, including 573,000 arrivals and 768,000 departures. There were 1.446 million passengers in July, including 640,000 arrivals and 806,000 departures on 12,468 flights.

The number of passengers onboard 12,819 flights in August reached 1.578 million, including 774,000 arrivals and 804,000 departures. The increase in the rate of traffic this summer compared to last year amounted to 15 percent. The total number of passengers from June until the end of September is expected to reach about six million passengers. The numbers are similar to those in 2019, before the COVID-10 pandemic, which confirms that the air transport sector has recovered.


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