Suhail Star Will Be Spotted With The Naked Eye In Kuwait On September 5
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Just before sunrise of September 5 a bright light in the night sky will signal the end of the summer heat and a return to more moderate weather. At least, that is what the star of Suhail used to mean, before global climate change became involved.

Visible due south in the early hours before sunrise, Suhail, also known as Canopus, is the second brightest star in the sky after Sirius, and has always held a great significance to the people of the Gulf.“Suhail’s appearance means the beginning of the end of summer: the days begin to get shorter and temperatures begin to decrease,”“Back in the day, many people used to say the water in their wells was hot the day before Suhail appeared and cool the next day.”“Suhail star” will be spotted with the naked eye in Kuwait on September 5 and the moderate weather will last for 53 days till October 16, said the astronomer Adel Al-Saadoun on Saturday.

 He told KUNA the star will be seen in southern part of the Arab Peninsula on August 24th, before sunrise. Spotting this star signals start of fall of temperature and onset of moderate weather. The heat will drop from 45 to 28 degrees.

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