Submit Certificates Accredited By The MOHE As A Condition To Remain In Their Government Jobs
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The government has unveiled a plan which will kickoff next month that will oblige government employees in five institutions to submit certificates accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education as a condition to remain in their government jobs, reports Al- Qabas daily.

The source added the five governmental institutions are Ministries of Health, Public Works, Education, Justice and Awqaf, pointing out that they will give a chance to the employees for full one year to submit the accreditation.

According to the source, any employee who violates the text of the circular will be terminated, meaning he/she will lose the right to work in the respective institution.

The source affirmed that the accreditation of the certificates is among the conditions of getting the health license for the expatriates, however, the clinics and health centers, hospitals as well as the private clinics are not exempted from the condition.

The source said that the new administrative necessity against the state employees who hold higher qualification certificates came after the suspension of the accreditation citing difficulty during the current period; therefore the government bodies have embarked on need to submit the new accreditations by every employee by next year.

The source made it clear that the government approval of the certificates necessitated after sensing the danger that an employee may not be capable in handling work in his/her specialization.

The source affirmed that the new appointments during the current time require obtaining the accreditation from Higher Education authorities and this decision covers all graduates from including those who have studied abroad and the same applies to the expatriates.

The source indicated there are two main problems, the first is the presence of actual counterfeiters among the expatriates who have submitted fake and forged certificates in the field of law and administration, while the second one is the graduation of some expatriates from universities which are not accredited.




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