Stop The Policy Of Isolating Kuwait From The World, Says Travel Association
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The Kuwait Travel and tourism Agencies Association called on the authorities concerned to change the policy of “isolating Kuwait from the world”.

The union said that since the start of the Corona pandemic, the authorities have taken strict measures on travel restrictions, which was welcomed as it was new to all. However even after almost two years, we are resorting to the closing policies without any solutions to overcome the crisis, he said.

The Association stressed that it is unacceptable to continue restricting air traffic and travel in the current manner. The procedures allow citizens to travel and return, but ban the return of residents.

Despite the strict measures, the Delta variant entered the country. Does this mean that Kuwait will remain closed to itself forever, the Federation asked.

Authorities concerned with confronting Corona must take innovative measures that allow freedom of movement and save the national economy, the Federation said.




16 Jun, 2021 4487
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