Stick To Quarantine Or Go Back Home – KD 500-1,000 Fine For Violators Of Health Rules
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Ret. Lieutenant General Abdul Fattah Al-Ali, the Head of the committee for monitoring the implementation of health requirements, has warned that the penalty for an employee or worker who does not comply with the health requirements is KD 500 in the event of reconciliation, and KD 1,000 in case reconciliation fails.

In a press statement issued during an inspection tour of Jahra yesterday, he called on everyone to fully adhere to the prevention and precautionary measures, and support the efforts of the Ministry of Health and the state in order to rapidly contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus and completely eliminate its presence in the country. Ret. Lieutenant General Abdul Fattah Al-Ali revealed that the penalty for an expatriate worker who is not committed to quarantine procedures is immediate deportation following the completion of the quarantine period.

He stressed that this punishment applies to any worker who is infected with the COVID-19 virus or goes for work while under quarantine, affirming that the existence of such cases contributes to the spread of the disease.

Ret. Lieutenant General Abdul Fattah Al-Ali said, “A citizen who violates the health requirements will be warned twice, and his name will be added to the system as a violator. If a violation is committed for the third time, it will be referred to the competent judicial authorities”.

Meanwhile, he revealed about a campaign to be held in the next two days to remove all camps, especially those near the oil sites and close to electric poles. Ret. Lieutenant General Abdul Fattah Al-Ali called on the owners of these camps to immediately clear such areas on their own.



07 Feb, 2021 709
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