Stem Cell Transplant For A 3-year-old Girl
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The National Bank of Kuwait continues to provide the pioneering model for large institutions to fully assume their social responsibility, and is taking new and great steps towards its permanent contributions at all levels, especially improving health care, through many activities and contributions, foremost of which is the National Bank of Kuwait Specialized Hospital for Children , Who witnessed the first stem cell transplant in Kuwait for a 3-year-old girl.

The National Bank of Kuwait donated more than two years ago to establish a stem cell therapy unit for children under the age of 16, within the framework of the expansion of the National Bank of Kuwait Specialized Hospital for Children project, in an initiative that is the largest in the local private sector, so that the unit continues throughout that period to provide its services for free. What contributed to enhancing the hospital’s role in treating patients, applying safety standards, developing research, and providing the best international standards of care for patients and their families.

National cadres

NBK is keen to support national cadres in all its endeavors and operational activities, as well as its community contributions in all health, charitable and other fields. In this context, NBK is proud of the accomplishment achieved by the members of the medical team that conducted the operation and included a group of national competencies and cadres headed by a consultant of stem cell transplantation for children Dr. Sundus Al-Sharida, and the head of the Department of Hematology and Cancer, Dr. Mona Bourahma, and participated in the operation. The adult stem cell transplant team, which included Dr. Salem Al-Shammari and Dr. Samar Refaat, in addition to a highly-qualified nursing and technical staff.

The hospital staff received the girl 3 weeks before the operation in the stem cell transplant wing to carry out many of the tasks necessary to prepare for the operation from collecting the patient’s stem cells and undergoing surgery to remove the cancerous tumor, in addition to receiving chemotherapy to be the first case of stem cell transplantation. It takes place in Kuwait.

This achievement is the culmination of the efforts of the hospital's work team, which includes specialized and trained cadres according to the best international standards in providing health services, and which receives all aspects of support and appreciation from the National Bank.

Exceptional measures

In light of the exceptional circumstances the country is witnessing as a result of the spread of the Corona pandemic, the National Bank of Kuwait Hospital took the lead in taking all necessary preventive measures to maintain the health of patients and follow the highest levels of occupational safety in this regard, in addition to implementing many initiatives that include Patients have access to complete therapeutic and advisory services without being affected by the partial and total ban restrictions imposed during the height of the pandemic, as the bank began last March to provide urgent reports in Arabic to help the families of patients in cases of emergency or any technical failure, as well as to obtain a permit Official from the Ministry of Interior to go out during the ban period.

The hospital also provided a direct phone line that works around the clock, to communicate with the patients' parents during that period, and activate the work of all hospital clinics on the phone call system to check on the health of those who have an appointment in each clinic and direct them with the necessary medical advice.

The hospital also provided the service of booking or changing the appointment of the outpatient clinic through the WhatsApp application during working days from 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon, where the patient’s data is received via a message that includes the patient’s name, file number, the name of the treating doctor, the civil number, and a copy of the transfer to finish all Procedures without the need to come to the hospital.

A "national" investment

The National Bank of Kuwait contributes to supporting the hospital, by continuing to invest in developing all its units, and taking care of all its activities that go beyond curative services to many activities that contribute to relieving patients and their families, as these investments have grown over the past year by about 9% on an annual basis.

Last year, the National Bank of Kuwait Hospital for Children received 404 patients in the stem cell therapy units, of whom 366 were in the stem cell therapy unit in the outpatient department. While 38 patients were admitted to the stem cell therapy unit in the inpatient department.

In terms of other specialties, the hospital received 391 cases of hematoma patients last year, as well as 58 new cases of oncology patients and 10 cases of patients suffering relapse of the same disease.

Patient experiences have seen a marked improvement as more outpatient activities are provided in the outpatient department and day care. Working hours in the day care facility extend from 7 am to 10 pm, seven days a week.

The continuous development operations carried out by the National Bank of Kuwait, and the tireless efforts made by the team and those in charge of the hospital, have resulted in reducing the rate of admission of patients to the hospital, especially in blocks 1 and 2. In addition to allowing patients to attend the day care facility on Fridays and Saturdays, enabling them to attend classes during the rest of the week, as NBK Hospital for Children receives about 25 cases per month on Fridays and Saturdays.

Integrated care

Within the framework of Kuwait Bank Hospital’s strategy to achieve integrated patient care, the hospital’s management places the well-being of the child and family as a fundamental pillar within its treatment programs and health services, as the hospital organizes many different activities to ensure continuous communication with patients and their families, to raise the levels of patient satisfaction and encourage them to mix and distract them from Pain medication.

On Mondays of every week throughout the year, a fun activity is planned for children who receive their treatment at the National Bank of Kuwait Specialized Hospital for children who are staying in the hospital to receive treatment and for those who visit the hospital during the morning to conduct the necessary medical tests to follow up on their health condition.

The National Bank of Kuwait provides for children staying in the hospital to receive treatment an indoor cinema hall for them and their siblings to watch their favorite movies.

The National Bank of Kuwait is also organizing for the seventh year in a row the “I dream to be” program, which is the first of its kind at the level of Kuwait's hospitals for children suffering from life-threatening diseases. This initiative works to help children achieve their "dreams" in order to enhance their emotional and psychological well-being and help them fight disease. Over the past six years, NBK has succeeded in fulfilling the dreams of 23 patients.

Communicate and educate

During the past year, NBK Children's Hospital carried out 38 different activities to ensure continuous communication with patients and their families, as 975 patients participated in those activities, in addition to 124 volunteers in all activities that spanned 118 hours during the year.

The National Bank of Kuwait is also organizing an awareness campaign through the social media platforms Instagram and Twitter of the National Bank of Kuwait Specialized Hospital for Children, in addition to providing educational advice and entertainment programs for patients and their families through these accounts, which receive interactiona and approval from followers.



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