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My name is Ali and I am working in Kuwait with one of the private companies and our company head office is located in Shuwaikh Industrial Area and all employees who are working at the head office get weekly off on Firdays and we have one more small branch in Kuwait City where I am working.

At the time of joining the company they told me that I have to work on Fridays and my supervisor will always take off on Fridays but for me they asked me to choose any other day as weekly off so I chose Saturday’s as my weekly off, so now my weekly off is always on Saturday.

My queries is whenever there is any public holiday that falls on Saturday’s, I am neither getting any other day off nor getting one day extra pay and when I contacted HR Dept., they told me that there is no law in Kuwait that if weekly off and public holiday both fall on same day then we should give you one extra day off or pay you one day extra and said that it is my bad luck when public holidays fall on Saturdays so can you please let me know what the HR Dept., is saying is right or wrong and if they are wrong then should I go to Shoun and complain about this or any other suggestion. Note: If public holidays fall on Saturdays my supervisor gets off on Friday as well as the public holiday on Saturday.

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Answer: Article 68 of the Kuwait Labour Law enumerates the number of official holidays granted to workers with full pay. In addition, the Article states that ‘if the work circumstances require keeping any laborer in work on any of the official holidays, he shall be paid a double wage together with an alternative compensation day.

With the above extract from the Labor Law dealing with holidays, you can see that your company’s HR Dept., is not violating the law if an official holiday falls on Saturday your off day and you are not paid as well as get another day as compensation.

It is only when you are made to work on a Saturday or any other day declared an official public holiday that the payment and compensation kicksin.

In the latter situations if the company refuses to pay and compensate you with another day then you can file a case against the company at the Public Authority for Manpower through the Labour Office in your area to seek redress



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