Speaker Calls Talks On Legislative Practices
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National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim announced Thursday that he invited the chairpersons and rapporteurs of parliamentary committees to an extensive meeting at the Assembly’s office on Monday to discuss the current legislative practices.

Although such meetings are called periodically, observers attributed the call for Monday’s meeting to controversies related to recent developments in the Assembly and the tug of war between the three authorities – legislative, executive and judicial. MPs continue to raise issues, claiming that the government refuses to take an honest cooperative route with the Assembly with MP Khaled Al-Otaibi citing the recent governmental proposal to cancel the law on establishing the second national livestock company.

He said the government continues to follow such an uncooperative direction. He pointed out the law was passed three years ago, yet the government still believes it is on the right track in serving the general public even if it keeps on being reluctant in looking into parliamentary bills. He said the government has passed the stage of not implementing ratified bills as it is now into rejecting and canceling laws despite all the time spent in committees’ deliberations and legislative sessions. He explained that after seeking the advice of international financial firms, the government decided the law is not feasible.

He wondered why the government conducted a financial study after the ratification of the law, indicating he intends to submit queries to the concerned ministers in order to clarify the issue.

Meanwhile, in view of the recent governmental decree on shutting down charity organizations found to have violated the law, MP Saleh Ashour submitted queries to Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Fahad Al-Shuula about the procedures taken in this regard. He wants to know if these erring organizations were subjected to thorough investigation. If yes, the minister must submit a detailed report on the investigation results.

He also asked if the ministry collaborated with its social affairs counterpart in this regard. If yes, he urged the minister to provide him with copies of correspondence or dialogue between the two ministries. He also wants to know if warnings were issued prior to any forced closure and how long was the grace period given to erring organizations to correct their violations.



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