Some Playing Truant?
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Following the return to work at full capacity in all state authorities with the decline of the COVID-19 wave in the country, it has been noticed that some employees of the government administration sector have been “stealing working hours” by attending and signing in the morning through the fingerprint attendance system, leaving the workplace, and then returning at the end of the official working hours to sign out, reports Al-Qabas daily.

In order to avoid this manipulation and ensure it does not turn into a phenomenon, informed sources revealed a new strict mechanism towards approval to reset the proof of attendance and departure of employees in order to fill any gaps in the proof of attendance and departure.

They explained that the new mechanism will prevent the phenomenon of some employees being satisfied with proof of attendance by scanning their finger, and then leaving the workplace in between. There are two scenarios for the new mechanism – first is the inclusion of a third fingerprint in the middle of the official working hours, and the second is a shift towards digital fingerprint to prove the attendance of employees through their smartphones.

In a related context, the sources indicated that work is underway to implement the directives of the Council of Ministers to find a mechanism that links rewards to achievement, instead of just attendance and departure. They stressed that employees’ attendance and departure are part of their job duties in the workplace, and the reward should be granted to those who excel in performing functional tasks.





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