Six Months Without A Cleaning Contract At Kuwait Airport
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Al-Qabas daily reports that the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation continues its policy of non-compliance with contracts concluded with companies, which threatens the workflow without a cleaning contract for six months. The daily said the DGCA is still living in a state of chaos, neglect and continuous irregularities, some of which were revealed to the daily in a previous report published last Wednesday, January 25.

In a letter obtained by the daily, one of the cleaning companies that has signed a contract with the DGCA has complained about problems with implementing the contract for cleaning work at Kuwait International Airport. The contract was signed without taking into account issues that negatively impacted the smooth running of business at the airport facility.

The company said that the first problem lies in the DGCA delay in issuing an addendum to its contract renewal, as it should have been renewed on July 26, 2022, but to date, the company has not received the copy of the contract extension addendum, which caused the suspension of the payment of its monthly dues from July 26, 2022 until Dec 26, 2022, estimated at 519,061,250 (five hundred and nineteen thousand and sixty-one dinars and two hundred and fifty fils), due to the failure of the official supervising the contract to follow up on the disbursement of payments, which may lead to a shortage of liquidity allocated to the project.
According to the company, it alone incurs the trouble of securing the contract's requirements, including salaries, rent, transportation, and raw material costs. As a result, the company may have to delay the payment of wages to workers and secure some of the project's requirements until late payments are received.

There is also a problem with deducting KD 33,625 (thirty-three thousand, six hundred and twenty-five dinars) from business invoice values for 26-3-2022 to 24-7-2022. With the existence of the discount, the company stated that “we were not officially informed by the DGCA of the reasons for this discount, despite our letter dated 29-1-2022 and countless text messages sent via the “WhatsApp” application reminding them of this matter.

Despite this, we did not receive any warning or alert suggesting that we had defaulted, been negligent, or violated the terms of the contract. According to the company, the DGCA's reasoning for the deduction should be clarified, discussed objectively, and they should be allowed to respond to any reasons given for the deduction.


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