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The Director-General of Kuwait Municipality, Ahmad Al-Manfouhi, said the Municipality is currently planning to launch six projects to build ‘bachelor’ cities in coordination with the Partnership Projects Authority to be financed by the private sector, reports Al- Anba daily.

This came in response to a query by member Ahmad Hadyan Al-Enezi on increase in the number of cities for single men in various governorates as well as the expansion and maintenance of the current similar cities.

The project for the establishment of cities for laborers is one of the partnership projects that the State is interested in implementing with participation of the private sector. It aims to establish labor housing areas with sufficient capacity to provide all health, security, recreational and commercial services to low income residents residing in Kuwait without their families.

In this regard, the Kuwait Municipality has studied the subject within the State’s structural chart, according to statistics and studies prepared to estimate the expected growth of the number of low-income expatriate workers now and in future. Accordingly, several decisions have been issued by the Municipal Council to allocate sites for the establishment of labor housing projects and labor cities in various governorates of Kuwait



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