Signs Of Company Engaged In Visa Trading
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I am new in Kuwait. I arrived here on Oct 21, 2018 in a company under Article 18 visa. Due to lack of business my sponsoring company informed me that I can search for better options. I need an advice from you — Can I transfer my visa from my parent company to another within one year? From one mandoub I heard that I can transfer my visa after 6 months by paying KD 300 in shoon. Is it possible?

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Answer: From the look of things we will not be far from truth if we say that you and the company are engaged in visa trading. Is it not strange for a company to incur the expenses in bringing you to Kuwait and within three months of your entry the same company is now telling you to look for better options somewhere? The general practice is that if a company decides to forego its right to keep you working for three years as mandated by law, it can give you a release after one year. As regards the payment of KD 300 and being released after six months, we are not aware of that. Indeed such arrangements and payments are only found in the sphere of transfers within government projects.

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