Sick Leave Mastermind Jailed
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The Criminal Court chaired by Justice Muhammad Ghazi Al- Mutairi slapped five years imprisonment sentence with hard labor on the mastermind of the ‘medical leave forms’ forgery case, and refrained from punishing several male and female citizens implicated in the scandal.

The case file indicated the Ministry of Health referred its report on forged sick leaves to security agencies of the Interior Ministry. The list included sick leaves sealed with fake stamps of the doctors, while fake chits were discovered during Ministry of Health’s annual auditing of sick leave certificates. The ministry had affirmed opening an investigation into the scandal against the doctors issuing such sick leaves, but at the end, it was determined they were not involved in any way. Apparently, the documents in question did not bear any reference in the ministry’s archive.

Minor acquitted: The Criminal Court acquitted a minor of multiple thefts due to lack of incriminating evidence. Attorney Jarrah Al-Anzi, lawyer for the accused, argued in court that his client has nothing to do with the multiple thefts, citing the absence of incriminating evidence. He attributed the accusation to the bad companionship his client had as it brought nothing to him but harm.



26 Sep, 2018 972
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