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I’m sending this mail to get some information regarding Kuwait driving licence and family visa criteria. My previous salary was KD 200, later it was increased to KD 900. Now when the time came to issue my new visa, the company said that only KD 500 could be shown on the new visa. Is there such a law in Kuwait, if so can I get a Kuwaiti driving licence with this KD 500, likewise can I bring my mother here with me. So please help me to know about this at the earliest.

Name withheld

Answer: Even though we are not aware of such a law, we are of the opinion that a salary increase of KD 200 to KD 900 looks astronomical and can lead to questions being asked at Shu’on and set tongues wagging. We will therefore understand your employers if they insist on putting KD 500 on your work permit and possibly consider the remaining KD 400 as a form of allowance. Unfortunately however the KD 500 monthly salary is not enough for you to get a driving licence unless your profession is one of those exempted from meeting the KD 600 salary conditions. As for bringing your mother here on visit visa, it’s possible and may be this can be convered into a dependent visa under the new/amended visa regulations issued recently.



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