Shoun Rejected To Change B.COM Degree To Accountants Designation
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I am working as an accountant since 2012 to present, I am a degree holder (BCom. Calicut University). Three years ago my company tried to change my profession as accountant but the Shoun rejected their request because as per them the Bcom degree is not accounting degree.

Recently I have joined in new company as senior accountant and they need to transfer my profession as accountant (As per new company it is mandatory). My current position is Office Administrator (Masool Idari) What will I do now for Shoun to accept it again. Please advice. Waiting for your reply.

Name withheld

Answer: The onus lies on you, through your mandoub to explain and convince the Shoun people that your BCom degreee (accounting option), granted that the latter is the case, is equivalent to an accounting degree. However, if it is the general principle of Shoun to consider all BCom degrees irrespective of the various options offered, then we are sorry to say that there is no offer of advice that we can make.



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