Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah Stresses Education Plays A Crucial Role In Eradicating Poverty And Illiteracy
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Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah, the founder and editorial director of Lulua Publishing and the Founder of Al Nowair positivity initiative, a non-profit initiative considered to be her biggest contribution to Kuwait.

Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah said in a statement on UN declaration of January 24 as an International Day of Education that it is a celebration of the role that education plays in achieving peace and development.

Sheikha Intisaar said, “Countries will not succeed in achieving gender equality and breaking the cycle of poverty that would leave millions of children, youth and adults behind without ensuring quality, equitable and inclusive education for all and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all”

She noted that the Coronavirus pandemic has contributed to the inability of many children to attend schools in poor countries and those suffering from wars and conflicts, which led to an increase in the number of those who could not read, write and do basic arithmetic operations, and the inability of refugee children to complete their studies, which led to the violation of their right to education

Pointing to her participation last year in the United Nations celebrations of the International Day of Education with an interactive lecture and dialogue at the United Nations headquarters in New York, she said her participation allowed her to touch on the Bareec and Boomerang educational programs in Kuwait.

She explained that the program focuses on aligning comprehensive quality education policies with the sustainable development goals to enhance partnerships and exchange ideas and experiences, and added that the Bareec program aims mainly to spread beneficial positive thinking and eliminate negative thoughts that impact our students, in addition to improving the educational environment and providing suitable learning conditions for students.

Sheikha Intisar continued, “The program is based on a set of short, simple and easy to implement interactive activities that are based on the results of scientific research proven in the field of positive psychology,” and indicated that the activities and programs that are implemented in schools enhance many values and encourage students to come to school.

Elucidating her points, she explained that the Bareec program followed the online training curriculum during the coronavirus period, and the results of the implementation of the Boomerang program also aims to address the phenomenon of bullying among students by using practical theater to spread kindness to change students’ behaviors through awareness.

Sheikha Intisar emphasized that her interest in supporting such educational programs came as a result of the role that education plays in preserving the planet and establishing common prosperity, promoting peace and building effective societies.

Stressing the need to reform educational systems, she noted it was especially after the recent developments the world witnessed during the Coronavirus pandemic and the shift to digital education.

She remarked: “The Coronavirus pandemic has proven that we not only need huge investments in the field of education, but rather to rethink education and prepare the next generation to deal with major issues such as the digital revolution and the climate and health emergency.”

She added that the World Education Day is the culmination of the world’s will to improve education standards and eradicate illiteracy, stressing that education plays a crucial role in eradicating poverty and illiteracy, and contributing to economic and social development as it is considered the most important factor to reach the country’s sustainable development goals.



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