Services Of Senior Govt Advisors Terminated; CSC Requests Looks For New Nominees
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In a step to reduce expenditure and streamline appointments, the ministers in the new government have responded to the call of the Civil Service Commission to end the service of consultants working in ministries and institutions affiliated to the ministries although their appointment was approved by the CSC based on the requests of members of the previous government.

Informed sources in the CSC told Al-Rai “all members of the new government have already terminated the services of the consultants in preparation for appointing new consultants or using the services of those whose services have been terminated but with new consultancy contracts,” noting that “there are about 360 Kuwaiti consultants working in government agencies affiliated to the CSC.

The sources explained the CSC also asked the ministers to nominate names to fill senior positions (Undersecretary, Assistant Undersecretary, and Director of a commission) to replace the names of nominees that were previously sent before the formation of the new government.

The sources said it was surprising that a large number of consultants were employed by state institutions, in light of the general trend to reduce expenditures, especially since the employees did not undertake the role for which they were appointed for or their contribution was seen as minimal.



16 Jan, 2022 239
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