Security Operative Shot His Brother By Mistake In A Quarrel
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A security operative affiliated to the General Investigation Department shot his brother by mistake in a quarrel with a third person in Jahra area, reports Al-Rai daily. Details of the story indicate the security operative had a quarrel with a citizen, and the victim (officer’s brother) came up to support him when the quarrel became violent. The citizen fled the scene when the officer drew his gun and fired in the air. The stray bullet hit the brother by accident, and he rushed him to Jahra Hospital in critical condition. A source said the victim underwent emergency surgery before he was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. The detective at Jahra hospital told officers in Al-Na’eem Police Station that the officer who shot his brother was summoned for questioning, and he insisted he was only trying to frighten the citizen who engaged him in a quarrel by shooting in the air and the bullet hit his brother by accident. The source said leadership of the Interior Ministry was notified about the incident, and a case was registered against the officer for shooting and causing injury. He was referred for further questioning to know his reason for using an official gun.


29 Oct, 2017 673
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