Security Authorities Continued Interrogations With The Main Accused Abdultawab In The Murder Of The Kuwaiti Woman And The Saudi Mother

16 October 2015 Kuwait

The Egyptian judiciary and the security authorities continued interrogations with the main accused AbdulTawab in the murder of the Kuwaiti woman and the Saudi mother with his wife Hana’a and her three brothers, reports Al-Rai daily.

The authorities are exerting tremendous efforts to seek more information which the main accused, who is reportedly aware of getting death penalty for the premeditated murder, is deliberately hiding and misguiding the investigation authorities, such as the house that he bought with the money he stole from the victims. At the time when the daily got the video recording of the crime re-enacted by the main accused in the presence of the Egyptian public prosecutor, the security authorities were trying to find out where the two victims spent their days in Alexandria from the day they arrived in Egypt until the day they were murdered in the province of Minya.

Meanwhile, sources close to Egyptian judiciary expect delay in the issuance of the autopsy report from the Forensic Medicine Department on the two corpses. The authorities are trying to join the pieces together to find out what happened to the rest of the stolen money since only 417,000 Egyptian pounds have so far been recovered from the suspects.

The authorities are also trying to find out what happened to the personal belongings of the two victims after they arrived in Egypt. According to security sources, the alleged killer AbdulTawab is currently passing through a difficult phase, certain that the gallows are waiting for him after the Public Prosecution charged him with premeditated murder, kidnapping and theft — a charge that carries the death penalty by hanging according to the Egyptian Criminal Law. In Minya (North Upper Egypt), the atmosphere is filled with quietness and everything seems to stand still following the murder of the two women inside the farm owned by the brothers-in-law of the ‘killer’.



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